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Breathwork Study Report

 Our breathwork study results are in!

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Breathwork Study Results

 Research on Conscious, Connected Breathwork and the Brain

This is the story of how we tested the forthcoming Feel More Ecstasy Online Breathwork Program (due for release August 15) with a group of three people at Zen Brain Lab in Ubud, Bali. Each of the three subjects received brain maps before and after one session and then again after the remaining 9 sessions of the 10 day program to see the results. These videos show what we found. 

The breathwork program included 10 consecutive days, each of which included a masterclass video, ecstatic dance, a heart opening practice and an hour long, lying down conscious connected breath work journey with additional, optional guided meditation and the support of a program e-book. Of course this is just a small scale mini-study, but the results were exciting! We will be doing more research with larger groups in the future, so stay tuned.

Test Results Shown By BrainMaps Included:
• Significant improvement...

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International Breathwork Foundation Features Breath of Bliss and Breathfest in Newsletter

What an honor to be featured in the International Breath Foundation April 2017 newsletter! A report Ana Berenguer.

"This year was the 10th anniversary of the Bali Spirit Festival (BSF). The organisers Meghan Pappenheim, Kadek Gunarta and Robert Weber started the project in 2008 when tourism in Bali was devastated because of the bombings in 2002 and 2005. But they still believed in the potential of the island. Their passion for yoga, dance and music made them put together this event that now gathers thousands of people from all over the world."

BSF is a celebration of yoga, dance, music and healing. First class professionals from the five continents come together to enjoy and share diversity. Many types of yoga are represented. Dance, martial arts and healing music events are going on all day long. Many healers offer private sessions at the venue. There are activities for kids and family. The music program is huge. There is live music all day at Coco Stage. At night this year...

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Finding Leadership Through Ecstatic Breathing

Breath of Bliss founder, Christabel Zamor, featured on Wisdom from North TV while teaching at Bali Spirit Festival, speaking on the power of leadership and ecstatic breath.

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Breath of Bliss Breathwork Boosts Brain Health

We did a collaborative mini study with Zen Brain Lab in Ubud, Bali on the impact of Breath of Bliss on the human brain. We had three people do the 10 day Feel More Ecstasy Online Breath of Bliss Course- this included a daily masterclass video, 8 minutes of ecstatic dance, a heart opening exercise and an hour long breathwork audio. The group members were brain mapped before and after the first session and also at the end of the ten days. Here is a livestream after the initial report from the facility. More details to come!

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Breath of Bliss Breathwork Featured on Heart to Heart TV


Enjoy this amazing interview about breathwork for Heart to Heart TV by Shakti Sundari with Christabel Zamor, the founder of Breath of Bliss, with clips of the Bali Spirit Festival.

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