Inspiration for your soul.



How to Feel Peace


You can shapeshift molecules of air around you and entrain everyone into unified field of peace. Now more than ever we need to cultivate these inner resources so we remain resilient in the face of ever present change!

In this video, I'll guide you through "The Loop Of Awareness", a breathing and awareness practice to help you become the peace that passeth all understanding.

This can help you stay aligned during uncontrollable times of extreme change.


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Breathing with the Council of YOU


Aloha friends, here is another transmission of oceanic breathing from Thailand!

Use the power of your breath to create healing in your life. Remember that healing just means remembering the wholeness that is already within...

In this video, I'll guide you in a morning practice to unify all of your "selves" in a sacred council.

Call back your soul fragments, the rejected parts of you as a child, teenager, person in their 20's, 30's and beyond.. even imagining yourself present in your 80's behind your back!

Use your imagination and breathe together with ALL of you. Receive the gifts from your sacred wounds and feel more oneness.

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Oceanic Breathing


 Join me in the waters of Koh Phangan Thailand for some connected breathing. Breath is life!

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Breathe From Your Root: A Quick Way to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Ever get stuck in your head? Today I would love to share an easy way to deepen your breath, get back into your body and feel more grounded. 

When your mind becomes overactive you're more likely to feel stress. And guess what happens when your mind churns? Breathing slows, your body contracts and emotions can get stuck. You may also find yourself getting really serious!

The alternative is more fun!  Try this: Open your mouthTake deep breaths and rock your hips. Feel your body tingle. Open your senses wide while you breathe. Keep moving. Now bring your awareness to the space between your legs. Notice the sensations arising....

Which do you prefer? 

Breathing From Your Root is a quick way to get out of your head and into your body. It can help you loosen up and have more fun being alive.

Here is an easy process to guide you through it: 

  1. Breathe into Your Perineum. As you take open mouth, connected...
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