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Breathwork to Boost Creativity and Brain Activity

In this video I answer some questions that came in!

  •  How can you use breathwork to access more creativity?
  • How does breathwork impact the brain?
  • Why would you want to do a regular breathwork practice?

Learn the answers to this and more in this video.

Here are the resources I mentioned:

Looking forward to breathing with you soon!


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2019 International Breathwork Foundation Conference Presentation: Breathwork Science and Audio Production


Check out this amazing video from my very first presentation for about 60 people at the 2019 International Breathwork Foundation Annual Conference!

In this video you will learn:

• The backstory of how I produced the I AM PASSION breathwork audio journey.

• The importance of increasing the coherence of your heart's torus field.

• A synopsis of results from my scientific brain mapping study of Breath of Bliss.

• My advice for those wanting to be on the leading edge of breathwork as a modality that can create a New Earth!


If you are passionate about breathwork be sure to join the International Breathwork Foundation and consider joining the 2020 Global Inspiration Conference in Sweden August 9-16!

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How Breathwork Impacts the Heart and Brain

Check out this informal talk by Christabel in Ubud, Bali where she shares more of her personal story, why she created Breath of Bliss and how it impacts the heart and brain.

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4 Ways Breathwork Supports Nervous System Health

Has your nervous system ever been highjacked and left you wondering why you can’t get your emotions under control? Has your emotional reaction even been bigger than a situation merited?

Your nervous system controls much of how your body reacts to stress. In turn, the way we move through our day, lives and relationships depends on a healthy, open and resilient nervous system. But most of us haven’t been taught how to take care of this vital part of our well being. We suffer physically, emotionally and mentally because of it. Little do we know that the nervous system, like a muscle, needs training to become strong.

To break that down, in our most natural state when the body experiences stress (activation), we will feel the feelings associated with that activation. Then the body will regulate itself again by coming back to a resting state. When any part of this normal cycle is interrupted, the charge of energy gets ‘stuck’ our bodies. And the charge stuck in our...

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Breathwork Study Report

 Our breathwork study results are in!

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Breathwork Study Results

 Research on Conscious, Connected Breathwork and the Brain

This is the story of how we tested the forthcoming Feel More Ecstasy Online Breathwork Program (due for release August 15) with a group of three people at Zen Brain Lab in Ubud, Bali. Each of the three subjects received brain maps before and after one session and then again after the remaining 9 sessions of the 10 day program to see the results. These videos show what we found. 

The breathwork program included 10 consecutive days, each of which included a masterclass video, ecstatic dance, a heart opening practice and an hour long, lying down conscious connected breath work journey with additional, optional guided meditation and the support of a program e-book. Of course this is just a small scale mini-study, but the results were exciting! We will be doing more research with larger groups in the future, so stay tuned.

Test Results Shown By BrainMaps Included:
• Significant improvement...

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Breath of Bliss Breathwork Boosts Brain Health

We did a collaborative mini study with Zen Brain Lab in Ubud, Bali on the impact of Breath of Bliss on the human brain. We had three people do the 10 day Feel More Ecstasy Online Breath of Bliss Course- this included a daily masterclass video, 8 minutes of ecstatic dance, a heart opening exercise and an hour long breathwork audio. The group members were brain mapped before and after the first session and also at the end of the ten days. Here is a livestream after the initial report from the facility. More details to come!

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