Breathwork Study Results

breathwork science Jul 07, 2017

 Research on Conscious, Connected Breathwork and the Brain

This is the story of how we tested the forthcoming Feel More Ecstasy Online Breathwork Program (due for release August 15) with a group of three people at Zen Brain Lab in Ubud, Bali. Each of the three subjects received brain maps before and after one session and then again after the remaining 9 sessions of the 10 day program to see the results. These videos show what we found. 

The breathwork program included 10 consecutive days, each of which included a masterclass video, ecstatic dance, a heart opening practice and an hour long, lying down conscious connected breath work journey with additional, optional guided meditation and the support of a program e-book. Of course this is just a small scale mini-study, but the results were exciting! We will be doing more research with larger groups in the future, so stay tuned.

Test Results Shown By BrainMaps Included:
• Significant improvement in alpha asymmetry
• Significant improvement in brain over-arousal and anxiety 
• Better brain inter-hemispheric connectivity
• Improvement in alpha dominant frequency
• Significant improvement in beta asymmetry

We have seen very promising shifts in brain signatures and patterns associated with symptoms including inhibition, disconnection, emotional and physical withdraw, anxiety, anxiousness, worry, chronic fatigue, depression, low mood, low libido and chronic health conditions.

A preliminary conclusion is that the Feel More Ecstasy Breath of Bliss 10 Day Online Program is helping improve automatic nervous system balance and decrease feelings of stress.

These Brain Changes Could Explain Why Participants Reported:
• Increased feelings of peacefulness
• Greater feelings of connection 
• Increased sense of well being
• Increased self-acceptance
• Greater happiness and joy
• More emotional openness
• More ease and relaxation
• More ecstatic moments
• Connection to Source
• Profound revelations
• Spiritual awakening
• Increased creativity
• Sensual awakening
• More sexual energy
• Inner child healing
• Greater freedom
• Greater pleasure
• More grounded
• More embodied
• Greater clarity
• Heart opening
• Deeper sleep
• More flow