A Portal of Answered Prayers

facilitator training Oct 20, 2018

Tears of awe were rolled down my face. All the hairs on my arms stood up.

I was watching the thirteen 2018 Breath of Bliss Level 2 Group Facilitator initiates rise into leadership. Each was about to guide the lying-down breathwork for the first time ever.

The instructions? Lie down, open your mouth and breath as on a regular breathwork journey.

Sometime between now and 50 minutes from now, you will be tapped on the shoulder. When it happens, stand, put on the mic and lead the group in connected breath for 4 minutes.

Most had never touched a headset microphone. None of them knew what the music would do next. All they had to do was breathe and circulate presence.

I tapped each one's shoulder when it was time.

Helping them stand was like midwifing newborns with wobbly legs.

Some had eyes that looked through me as they stood, shapeshifting into timeless mystics.  They spoke as timeless oracles, anchored to Spirit. Breathing deep.

Some had nervous eyes and shaking hands, voices wavering with raw intensity and power.

Some channeled primal wisdom from deep in the Earth. Others spoke as if from the stars.

Some raised arms to sky to the sky. Some crouched down low, tending to the membrane of the space and the collective nervous system.

Each guide spoke in shining pearls. It was poetry. Tapestries of light were woven. Space was born, welcoming everything that arose, out of nothing, into everything and beyond.

No thought. Just being with. Just inhales and exhales. Feelings. Sensations.

As each stood, I could almost see their angel wings...

It was holy.

Space was birthed.

Grace molecules, everywhere.

Each, a unique channel.

Guiding us home to Now...

A portal

Of answered prayers.