Take a Sacred Pause

blissful lifestyle Dec 15, 2018

My Friend,

Wherever you are this holiday season, I'm sending you love! Yes, holidays can be fun... but also at times turbulent, triggering and transitional. Breathwork can help.

As one of my teachers, Richard Rudd (Creator of the Gene Keys) says, "The beauty of life's pauses is that they enable us to see life with crystal clear vision. A day alive with pauses is a day rippling with awareness... The pause brings us into the physical body, into the moment of our breathing, into our belly and our spine. The pause can also become quite blissful, so that we enjoy prolonging it... Our body shows us how to luxuriate in the liquid field of the timeless."

Breathe in. Breathe out. Contemplate this.

Whether you're with loved ones, co-workers, friends, or spending time in solitude, create time for a sacred pause. Do some breathwork from the comfort of your own home to re-align.

A pause is always available. In this space, you can remember that you have all the wisdom of the universe within.

The art and medicine of creating sacred spaces through breath is the inspiration behind all my breathwork creations. I hope you will join me virtually with a downloadable journey or live event soon.

Much love,

*Imaged here are Shikoba from the Netherlands and Thea from Australia sharing a sacred pause the closing ceremony of the Level 2 Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training.