Bring Breath of Bliss to Your Event

Do you want to offer a life-changing experience to your event attendees?
Do you hope to open hearts and create genuine connection?

Our professional facilitators share ecstatic breathwork journeys in a space of deep safety, allowing for powerful shifts in consciousness. Perfect for festivals, retreats and conscious events. We bring:

* A POWERFUL TEAM of space holders that can adapt presentation to accommodate sensibilities of all kinds.
* NOURISHING MOVEMENT AND MUSIC to help your group get into their bodies and feel more alive.
* CONNECTION PRACTICES to create coherence and bonding in your crowd.
* LIFE-CHANGING BREATHWORK journeys to help attendees feel more creative, inspired and empowered.

"Absolutely outstanding. My cup, runneth over. Two days later and I'm still vibrating. Nothing at the Spirit Festival even came close to this experience. I flew 21 hours to get to here and it was worth every second." --Mark Gerbrandt, Music Producer


Upcoming Events

New Breathwork CD Launches

Right NOW! We are launching the brand new I AM BLISS Breath CD! Get it out and begin breathing at home. Start right away. Breathe deep and feel more alive.

July 2018. Feel More Ecstasy Online Course Launch

Stay tuned for the launch!! Commit to a home practice which you can do at your own pace, with a passion based breathwork journey, ecstatic movement, shaking, masterclasses and more. More details coming soon.

July-August 2018. Koh Phangan, Thailand. Weekend Immersions TBA.

Join Christabel for two once per month 2 day Breath of Bliss immersions on the rooftop studio of the fabulous Sunset Hill Boutique Resort. Dates TBA.

Sept 3-8, 2018 Self Love Journey Breathwork Intensive.
Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Level 1 of our facilitator training. An intense deep dive with 10 breathworks, life-coaching, ecstatic dance, shaking, healing touch, deep sharing and more. Learn the foundations of connected breathing as a way to peel back the layers, connect to essence, and embrace every part of yourself. Learn more here.

Sept 14-29, 2018 Group Facilitator Training.
Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Level 2: Learn EVERYTHING you need to begin leading breathworks to support peak experiences of oneness. Dive deep into self-love, presence, authenticity and heart-based leadership. Learn more here.

2018 December-January 2019 Australian Tour

Join Christabel and a whole team of angels on an exciting multi-city tour in Australia. Details to be announced soon.


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