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Breath of Bliss Academy
Mission Statement

Breath of Bliss Academy is a professional training institute offering a 200 hour Breathwork Group Facilitator Certification Program. Seminars are created and taught by Christabel Zamor with her core faculty of somatic, tantric and shamanic experts. Our program is unique. We believe there is nothing broken in you that needs to be fixed, changed or saved. Healing is a revelation of the fundamental wholeness that already exists within. Bliss is your birthright! It is your natural state of pure innocence. We empower heart-centered leaders to get into their bodies, claim their voices and create life-changing transformative events. Our small group trainings have shakti awakening practices, hands-on learning, teaching opportunities and personalized feedback. We have a team of 62 trained facilitators teaching around the globe. Breath of Bliss is a company member of the International Breathwork Foundation.

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Anna Maria Magdedlena

Anna Maria is a facilitator of Therapeutic Tantric Breathwork Arts, Shakti Qi Gong, Sacred Sexuality, and Shamanic Sound Medicine. She has apprenticed with indigenous grandmothers of many tribes over the past 6 years in Mexico and Costa Rica. Anna Maria lives on the land in the jungle in Bali at the base of a sacred waterfall.

Anshu Singh

Anshu is a life coach and founder of Pleasure Revolution. She is masterful  mentor of gratitude practices, heart-opening, compassionate relating, sexual awakening, vulnerability, authenticity and ecstatic embodiment. She is a passionate mother of 2 with a massive heart and committed to supporting emerging leaders in claiming their voice.

Emily Love

Emily is a warrior of the light, here on a mission to raise the collective frequency of the planet to one of unconditional love, abundance, and unity. She coaches trainees to greater depth, presence, transparency, and conscious communication. She has training in ecstatic breathwork, Transpersonal Psychology and Yoni Mapping. 

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Meet Our Support Team

Kirsty Targrass

Kirsty is helping Breath of Bliss create a powerful online presence, assisting at headquarters with administrative work and providing hands on healing at Christabel's bi-weekly workshops in Ubud. She is the founder of the Mystic Wanderer Community and has extensive experience managing conscious businesses.

Ben Temple Step

Ben composes original music for Breath of Bliss CDs and our large scale events. He is a world reknown music producer with over 20 years combining electronic music, shamanic soundscapes and sound healing. Ben has a background in Psychospiritual Healing. He also produces music for Peruqouis, Deya Dova, Ganga Giri, Murray Kyle and more.

Shannon Brown

Shannon is our radiant marketing consultant who keeps all of us entertained and on the edge of our seats with her inspiring newsletters and social media posts. Shannon is based in New Zealand and has extensive knowledge in keeping up to date with all the latest technology trends.


Take the next Breath of Bliss Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training for FREE! We have 3 exciting internship opportunities for work-trade towards enrollment to offset or completely pay your fees!

Join Team Bliss! Current positions available are listed below. For all interested applicants please email with your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Note: All tradel work must be completed prior to the actual trainings or balance must be paid to begin.


Manage our new breathwork festivals BreathFest, quarterly planet-wide events, and our yearly Global Summit. Opportunity for expansion into a commission-based paid position in future for festival management around the globe.


Seeking experienced blog writer with a proven track record of engaging, informative, content rich educational blogs. Must be comfortable doing and writing about interviews of experts for blogs as well.


Assist company founder Christabel with personal and professional matters around town. Must live in Koh Phangan, Thailand for two months prior to the trainings, from mid-December to mid February. Must have laptop.


To assist company founder Christabel with professional video editing and filming in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Please only apply if you have a strong portfolio of experience.

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