200 Hour Breathwork
Group Facilitator Training

Level 2 Breath of Bliss Professional
Certification Program



We only have one very small training in 2019 with 13 spots.
It will sell out in advance. Register now to avoid disappointment.

Save Until February 1, 2019!

Ready to be visible and share in a much bigger way?

  • Meet your tribe, get connected and feel support.

  • Dive deep into your own sacred relationship with the breath.
  • Claim your voice every single day in teaching drills where you lead groups.

  • Receive expert mentorship, templates, feedback and a 300 page manual.
  • Get 91 hours towards your 200 hour Certified Breath of Bliss Instructor Certificate.
  • Begin teaching your own Breath of Bliss events the day after you graduate!

There's no magic wand to become an inspirational teacher. Want the next best thing?


Sign up for our next facilitator training April 13- May 8, 2017!


It's not just a teacher training. It's a toolkit to create your legacy.

Foundations of Facilitation
Expert Workshop Sequencing
Guiding the Breathwork Journey
Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
Biology and Chemistry of Breathwork
Dynamic Meditation & Ecstatic Dance
Tantric Connecting Exercises and Deep Sharing
History & Philosophy of Breathwork Traditions
Breath of Bliss Lifestyle & Presence Practices
The Art of Teaching Breath of Bliss Breathwork
Safe Touch, Grounding, Orienting and Integration
Public Speaking, Sound Engineering and Playlists
The Business of Breathwork & Marketing Yourself
Ceremonial Space-Holding & Heart-Centered Leadership

Get the skills you need to host mind-blowing workshops.

A Permission Slip For Your Inner Shaman

  • Practice energetic hygiene, speaking blessings and creating beauty. Create a self-care routine of shakti awakening practices so you are an authentic guide.
  • Use the structure of our "11 Waves of Bliss Template" and the "Bliss Activation Blueprint" to design seamless ceremonies.

Stop Playing Small

  • Get rid of "not good enough" with practices that shift your awareness from "What do people think of me?" to "How can I serve?" 
  • Realize that what you have to say has value. Own your voice and unique heart teachings with the support  and structure of our ceremony blueprints.

Practice High Vibe Space Holding

  • Soak in the refined energy of a tropical wonderland and infuse the land's teachings into your wisdom body. Connect to the Earth, Sky and beyond so you can shine like a lighthouse.
  • Unleash your own breath and energy through ecstatic dance practices to become a living transmission, inviting full body rapture.

Get the Skills You Need to Create Heaven on Earth

  • Practice setting up and leading "Heart to Heart" Sharing Exercises to soften hearts and create bonding.
  • Combine breath with eye-gazing, intention setting, and touch as you prepare the group for the hour long lying down journey

Stop waiting for "one day when...".

The is the place people come to vulnerably step up and be fully recognized as leaders. Experience 10-15 breathworks and then rise up to share your unique wisdom with us.

Where big-hearted dreamers come to become confident workshop facilitators.

Inspire Others to Open Their Hearts

  • .Practice vulnerably revealing  your own life lessons in unique teachings that make you a relatable guide.
  • Learn to present to audiences of all sensibilities and backgrounds so you can authentically share in a wide variety of settings.

Get Your Message Out There

  • Practice letting your heart speak while also mastering time management and progression skills.
  • Learn to come from "inner authority" instead of "inner apology".
  • Unleash your creativity while you design and get comfortable sharing your own unique teachings.

Become a Powerhouse of Presence

  • Learn how to stay centered, connected and present no matter what is happening in the space.
  • Gain comfort holding space for catharsis, triggers, dissociation, and other forms of nervous system activation and also how to de-escalate, ground and integrate.

Learn the Basics of Building a Breathwork Business

  • Learn how to use a microphone, source music, a website, promote with social media, choose a venue, price and promote your classes, train assistants and collaborate.
  • Receive Breath of Bliss logos and your own professional teaching photos taken onsite to promote yourself immediately. Get a Breath of Bliss Manifesto & Code of Ethics and certification check-lists.

Enjoy Magical Bonuses!

  • Enjoy how to prepare and offer a cacao plant medicine ceremony to combine with your Breath of Bliss offerings.
  • Connnect with the spirit of the land and water as we take  group excursions to crystalline beaches.

Stop hiding from your soul mission.


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Have you always felt you came to Earth to do something big?

The world needs your gifts now more than ever!

200 Hour Certification Program Details:

You can use the Breath of Bliss name and format upon graduation and you will receive your 200 hour certificate after completing post-training requirements. Gain mastery from 67 hours of additional teaching and study at home, get an annual online listing, teaching referrals and more. *Note: A new online Advanced Facilitation and Business Mastery Level 3 training is currently in development and may be ready to available for 2018 participants who desire continued education support. Stay tuned.

Continue learning and teaching at home in the year following your training with online support from our global community of instructors. Full certification involves:

  • 10 hours of breathwork home practice with a Breath of Bliss audio journey/s
  • 40 hours of solo group facilitation (20 two hour sessions)
  • 2 hours of one-on-one troubleshooting/mentorship with a Breath of Bliss Trainer (Costs an additional $199)
  • 13 hours of training in an approved modality (until Level 3 launches November 2018)
  • Two 500 word blogs on breathwork to be published on the Breath of Bliss website and yours.
  • For those wanting (optional) 500 hour certification, Apprenticeship positions available. 

"I've been set up for success with your expertise! Your dedication, passion and integrity are extraordinary. I am more confident in sharing my vulnerability and teaching from the heart. I feel empowered, inspired and motivated." -Issia Miller, Somatic Coach, Australia

"Christabel, you are a GREAT teacher. We got SO much information! Your wisdom, the way you teach, communicate and hold space is amazing. I also loved that you shared your own struggles because it helped me feel connected to you." - Lydia Niestadt, Digital Marketing, Netherlands

"I am so glad I did this! The program was excellent. The feedback was loving, supportive and caring. I have the Breath of Bliss toolkit and I'm teaching my first workshop tomorrow!" -Djeena Tenngaali, Lawyer, Netherlands

Registration Options

Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2. Prices below are for conference registration only. Hours: 9am-1pm, 3pm-6pm, except during final 5 days of Level 2 which just has an hour for lunch. Delicious lunches included. Transportation, lodging, breakfasts and dinners not included. Lodging costs from $15-50+ per night and options will be sent to you after registration.











Member of the International Breathwork Foundation

Breath of Bliss is a company member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). The purpose of the IBF is to promote a heart-centred approach to Breathwork, its theory and practice, for the expansion of consciousness and for personal and global transformation.