A life-changing shamanic breathwork audio journey to expanded states of consciousness that reveal our true essence.

What is the I AM LOVE Breathwork Audio?

A Consiousness Expanding Connected Breathwork Journey!

Nothing like this exists on the planet! A powerful, vocally guided breathwork journey by Breath of Bliss Founder, Christabel, with a custom designed soundscape by world reknown music producer, Ben Temple Step. Ben has a background in Psychospiritual Healing and 20 years experience electronic music production. Note that this audio version has more than 10 minutes of additional time than the hard copy CD!

Note: Please ensure to download onto a desktop machine. Using an iPhone unfortunately will not work as apple devices are built with this restriction which we are unable to bypass.

Start Where You Are

No experience needed. All instructions are included in a 15 minute comprehensive introduction to the Breath of Bliss practice and to the theme, I AM LOVE. The 65 minute breathing journey inclues vocal coaching to support you every step of the way. This program is especially useful when used in times of challenge, doubt or fear when you actually don't feel "loving" so you can reset your nervous system and develop more faith, resilience and peace.

A Powerful Tool to Expand Consciousness 

The soundtrack is inspired by shamanic traditions, trance-inducing rhythms and electronic dance music and is designed to be "entheogenic", meaning, helping you to, "generate the divine from within". Many indigenous tribes around the world injest plant medicines to achieve profound psychoactive states of spiritual transcendence and spiritual connection. This program is a healthy and natural way to experience similar peak experiences of oneness.

Develop the Courage to Love No Matter What

At the center of this journey is the idea that we can only give and recieve as much love with others as we give to ourselves. You are invited to dive deep into the recesses of your unconscious to embrace your shadows as portals to the light. Tap into an infinite wellspring of energy that surrounds you, dissolve the illusion of separation and send healing to your entire lineage. Connect to your true essence as love, itself.

Develop Your Own Breathwork Practice

Use this audio in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or in nature, any time, day or night. You will recieve a digital audio file download which you can upload to your phone or any other digital device. Cultivate a consistent connected breathing practice according to your own schedule and travel plans so you can resource yourself and stay grounded in times of change.

What People Are Saying

Deya Dova

"I did the I Am Love Journey. I had such a moving and profound experience. Clearing, letting go, ecstatic, rapture and bliss. Deep bow for the powerful and beautiful work you are doing."


Murray Kyle

"Your I Am Love journey guided me into many unseen and forgotten realms, offering new insights and guidance through the incredible power of my own breath ! Wow ! Thank you for reminding me that 'I am the offering' ❤"

Shanti Ramana

"This is a cosmic journey so strong & true that I am left weeping in power, awe and gratitude … you transmitted your Highest Self and led the way for Truth. Thank you is almost not enough. I love you."


Become the source of the love you seek! Download I AM LOVE today to begin your journey. Just $25.