Beautiful Post-Training Journaling Questions

breathwork integration Oct 01, 2018

Aloha friends! I'm just out of the powerful and inspiring 2018 Breath of Bliss breathwork facilitator trainings... honestly, beyond words. After such beauty and depth, I'm taking some time to journal.

Here are my writing prompts for our grads and any of you who have also gone through a big transformative experience.

• What did you get excited about? 

• How did you birth a new reality? 

• What have you been initiated into? 

• What did you come into communion with? 

• How did you evolve in a revolutionary way?

• How did you activate your own empowerment? 

• How did you take back your divine sovereignty?

• What was the greatest personal healing you experienced?  

• How is what you went through connected to evolving humanity’s consciousness on a global level? 

• What shifts do you feel in your reality, business, ministry, and consciousness after the training? 

• How are you becoming your own answered prayer? 

• What wants to be birthed through you after this experience? 

• What do you want to advocate for and speak on behalf of now? 

Taking time to reflect after a massive event helps metabolize awakenings. :) Enjoy!

 *These questions are inspired by the teachings of Kaia Ra.