Self-Love Journey on the Crystal Island

facilitator training Sep 10, 2018

Heartburst! We just completed the Level 1 Self Love Journey on the Crystal Island, Koh Phangan!

What was once a “breathwork training intensive” has now shape-shifted into 6 days of sacred breath ceremonies in a sky temple with participants showing up as initiates into the Great Mystery. 

We had a wide variety of participants, both men and women, from England, Spain, Denmark, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Venezuela, China, the United States, Canada, Australia. They had many backgrounds: yogis, social media marketers, life coaches, psychotherapists, artists, tantrikas, entrepreneurs, shamanic practitioners, a nurse, a school administrator, and more. 

Initiates were welcomed as breath mystics, oracles, seers. Together we entered sacred communion with the element of air to discover infinity in the miracle of now, feel everything and unremember everything that wasn’t true. 

We breathed on behalf of our sovereign divinity - to self-illuminate. Each of the 6 days had a different focus: nervous system and divinity, emotions as angelic guardians, family as sacred contracts, body as collective consciousness, conscious relating and soul mission.  

We worked with the Beautyway daily to shift consciousness at will, programming the space with prayers and engaging with altars as motherboards attuning us to expanded states of consciousness. Gorgeous white roses adorned our space daily, with crystals, essential oils, candles, sacred imagery, a daily ascended master mentor, oracle decks for inspiration and much more. Altars were shared as portals where we could resource ourselves throughout the day. Elegance welcomed us into presence. 

Together we breathed to discover Heaven on Earth in our own consciousness. How could we feel so much surrender, letting go, coherence, and inner peace with all that we were and were not -- so that we could experience the kind of unconditional love that great masters embody? Self-love was the first step so we could create overflowing cups to share with others… 

Over 6 days we went on 11 Breath of Bliss journeys. We breathed to embrace everything that was longing for love within us as lost little children begging for our care… getting intimate with resistance, fear, regret, judgement, worry, doubt, fear, numbness and so much more. Everything which showed up was embraced with deep  listening. 

We went on a pilgrimage to the Great Mystery. We cultivated wonder and curiosity as we breathed into our mystic heartwombs (which both men and women can access) — a place of allowing everything about who we think we are to dissolve. In this place we played with letting go of doing, achieving, controlling, proving, defining, understanding. How could we breathe to embrace the unknown as holy place wanting to reveal miracles to us? 

We also breathed to restore original innocence, exploring enchanted realms, the whimsical, wonderous, playful, luminous, starry, legendary and possibilities of our multidimensional nature. I also played my brand new (still unedited) I AM LIGHT breath journey for the group which opened up cosmic remembrances and insights. 

Important words that came up every day: higher self, divinity, sovereignty, grace, wisdom body, creating space, medicine bundle, crown jewels, innocence, miracles, Mother Earth… How had everything in our lives been designed to wake us up, open our hearts and guide us to our soul mission? 

Many days initiates shared reflections in small pods, then had representatives sharing the medicine teachings to the whole group. It was thrilling to watch people own their voices and speak from their higher selves. The collective momentum of presence allowed many to metabolize pain body activations into profoundly wise insights 

Awareness practices and the distilling shares into medicine was actually preparation for Level 2’s journey of group facilitation. It was beautiful to see how initiates developed an efficient, crystalline transmission that came from their hearts and was super impactful. The art of creating sacred space was already revealing itself... 

We used our imaginations to activate the etheric heart in the throat so that as participants spoke, they consecrated their throats and blessed their words. We also did visualizations to ignite the sacred flame beneath the heart to transmute the drama of human experience into profound and compelling gems that participants spoke as living prayers. Many of us commented that our hairs stood up while listening to these beautiful words, with such a feeling of holiness in the space! 

Combing (non-denominational) prayer and breathwork was so beautiful. Participants created their own invocations about how they wanted to become their own living prayers … and a deep reverence came over the group as they were shared. This took breath journeys even deeper! I encouraged everyone to commit to writing as a devotional practice to remember gems and create their own sacred text, allowing deeper integration. 

A new development that changed everything for me: I would personally go into an hour of prayer each morning before coming into the space, resourcing myself with guidance from the Ascended Masters, and was often directed to lead things in entirely new ways! I let go of many of the coaching and other tools which I had included over the years. Instead I shared from my heart about how to speak the sacred, the mystical elements of breath and air, the nature of bliss, self sourcing, bridging heaven and earth, and creating a new golden age with our embodiment of the sacred divine. This was huge act of trust for me personally, to fully surrender to the rebirth of this entire program, responding moment by moment coaching from my guides! The old manual sat like a relic we only looked at a few times… 

The pacing and intensity of the breath journeys softened with the ethereal energy of this magical, feminine Crystal Island — journeys were way more yin and gentle than in my Bali trainings, more delicate, deep and sweet. 

We also had a new guest facilitator, Iniaya Ray, an Akashic Oracle with a background in rebirthing. She shared a few magical guided visualization breath journeys that transported us to mythic realms where we could connect with our inner children and unique key codes and soul missions. She was also available for extra one-on-one support sessions for initiates helping them consult their own Akashic Records to gain deep and compelling insights about past lives, purpose and soul mission. Her playful energy and articulate teachings about the distortions in the human collective thought-field were compelling and she led us through embodiment practices which deepened our presence and lightened our hearts

We were also so lucky to have a participant, Patty, onboard as the sacred guardian of the space, building incredible daily altars and making countless errands for fresh flowers, cacao ceremony ingredients and more. Previous Level 2 graduates of our training program were also present to assist the initiation process. Anabel, a big-hearted somatic psychotherapist, provided sensitive attunement and care to the collective nervous system of our group, each individual and even me as the week progressed. We also received incredible supported by Nina who supported the flow of many group practices and kept the behind the scenes details running like clockwork. The support team was on it’s own advanced initiation process with me while we met daily, reviewing everything that unfolded, exploring what needed more care, navigating our own challenges and discovering what wanted to happen next. 

We enjoyed delicious vegan and mostly raw meals delivered daily by Orion Healing Detox Center, with so many super fresh, light yummy treats. This incredible food was filled with light. Many lunches were enjoyed by the cliffside infinity pool. Giant seahawks would soar over our closing breath ceremony almost daily and take our breath away…  

We continued with our closing ceremony tradition of creating Hawaiian flower crowns to celebrate the Crown Jewels of wisdom gained by initiates during their journey. We welcomed our inner children out to play… Together we gathered the treasure from triggers and trauma and harvested gold, jewels and pearls of insight, all represented by all the exotic flowers and leaves interwoven into our opulent crowns. We danced, sang, shared I AM invocations and so much more... after which everyone got graduation certificates and went on to enjoy an epic Perian celebration dinner! 

Looking back, I'm stunned by how my own deep inner work with prayer and the Ascended Masters inspired everyone to resource themselves through their own unique form of divine communion — and this took the event to an entirely new place! I’m so grateful for my personal initiations with Sofia Code and my teacher, Kaia Ra, who has deepened my ability to articulate many of the subtle realms we work with in our breath ceremonies. 

Just writing about this incredible experience has me so excited to facilitate it again! I can hardly wait an entire year for the next one in September 2019…  

So much love and gratitude to all the amazing initiates who came from around the world to join us in the Self Love Journey AND to everyone who helped make the magic happen! xo