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What is Breath of Bliss?

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness using breath, movement and sound. This ceremonial experience begins with eye-gazing, movement, touch, deep sharing and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular breathing. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of deep presence, heart-opening and connection.


Open-mouth, conscious, connected breathing natururally releases dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the brain. This can create expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs


Movement liberates energy, resets the the nervous system and helps you express emotions. We nourish the body by connecting with the Earth and using energy boosting practices from tantra and shamanism.


Vocal release helps you feel all your emotions all the way through and deepen presence. Practice speaking from your heart so you can be more real and authentic. Feel how sound transforms consciousness.

Christabel is an expert educator and a pioeneer in ecstastic breath and movement. As the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, she is passionate about embodied awakening and training leaders how to open hearts. She is a Certified Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute and has Hendricks Institute training in Conscious Loving. She holds two master's degrees: one in Depth Psychology and Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a second in Anthropology from University of California. 

Christabel has studied with and received initiations by shamans in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She also has Earth Priestess Mastery Training to facilitate Shakti Embodiment and Tantrika Arts. She has integrated these teachings into her unique breathwork programs. For 12 years Christabel helped millions generate ecstasy as the founder of HoopGirl, creator of six instructional DVDs and a training program that certified over 700 instructors. Christabel is published by Workman and is also a Mind Valley Academy author.


Level 1 Self-Love Journey Retreat. October 16-21
Level 2 Breathwork Teacher Training. October 26-November 10

Endorsements from Industry Leaders

We are revolutionising the field of breathwork with over 62 instructors sharing life-changing events around the globe.

"I highly recommend breathwork trainings with the wise and beautiful Christabel from Breath of Bliss. Her facilitation skills are masterful."   Devashi Shakti, Founder Tigress Yoga

"Christabel is the most amazing Goddess! I'm bursting with energy, feeling so inspired and the creative juices keep flowing! Thank you." Veena Sidhu, Senior Partner Mind Valley

"Breath of Bliss was one of the most powerful experiences of my life." Punnu Wasu, Oneness University Breathwork Teacher

"Christabel is intuitive and open-hearted. Breath of Bliss was an invitation laugh, cry, and dance, alchemizing pain into pleasure, sadness into joy." Noelani Love, Founder Kundalini Shakti Yoga

Breath of Bliss Programs

I AM LOVE Breath of Bliss Journey Audio Download

$25.00 USD

Breathe at home with this profound guided journey. A psychoacoustic journey of the soul!

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Level 1 Self-Love Journey Breathwork Retreat

$1,199.00 USD

Are ready to give and recieve more love? In this 6 day live event in paradise, you will experience 10 breathworks, li...

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Level 2 Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training

$3,599.00 USD

Are you ready to create communities of ecstasy, love and connection? In this heart-cenetred leadership program, ...

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FREE download of Christabel's
"4 Minutes to Ecstasy" audio!  

Boost Resilience with this Energizing, Affirmative Meditation