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Christabel Zamor, M.A.

UBUD, BALI. I created this program as a revolution of love! I train facilitators, teach at festivals and corporate events all over the world. Creator and Master Trainer. 

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Anshu Singh

SANUR, BALI. I am a nurturing mother of 2 and a sensual embodiment expert. I'm starting a pleasure revolution in my ceremonies & I want you to be a part of it! Level 2 Certified 2016.

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Samantha Hoogenboom

UBUD, BALI. Bringing Holographic Kinetics to my breathwork ceremonies, I help you create the life you dream of by letting go of everything that doesn't serve you. In training.

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Amma Sophia Rose

UBUD, BALI. Connect to your highest self with Sonic Rose Alchemy! Dive deep with vocal expression, sound healing, light language and shamanic wisdom, and the divine feminine. In training.

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Sharron Hopley

UBUD. BALI. I simply lovely teaching and watching transformations. I specialise in Radiant BodyYoga, Breathwork and Meditation, supporting you in any way I can! In training.

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Kai Ashley

THAILAND. I specialize in Emotional Freedom Technique and combine elements of this method with breathwork to create unique ceremonies of the heart. In training.

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Kristina Dacudao

NAGA, CAM. SUR, PHILIPPINES. Together we'll explore how to nourish the body, heart & soul through movement, music & the gift of breath. I share the spirit of its islands, jungles, oceans & wildlife. In training.

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Ambikha Devi

HONG KONG. I am an energy worker and professional yoga instructor. I bring both power and softness to my breathwork ceremonies to help you open your heart and feel more love. In training.

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Ajay Makhija

THAILAND. Come visit me at my beautiful studio, Gaia Yogashala, on the tropical island of Ko Phangan! I bring gentle power, approachability and realness to help you connect with your inner wisdom through the breath. In training.

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Glenn Gaia

UBUD, BALI. I am a teacher and practitioner of many modalities, and am loving craniosacral and how it assists breathers in opening to what wants to be revealed. I own a retreat center here where I host many ceremonies, trainings and retreats. In training.

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Stephanie Grace

TRAVELING ASIA. I bring vivacious love, presence and deep care to my ceremonies. I have background in nursing that has helps me feel and deeply connect with others. I am excited to help you remember to the truth of who you are: LOVE! In training.

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Ineke Darmajanti

JAKARTRA, INDONESIA. I specialize in transpersonal psychology and inner child healing. I love helping people use breathwork to get to know their authentic self. In training.

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Jennifer Yip

HONG KONG. I'm a mindfulness life coach. My true essences are divine innocence, deep presence and pure compassion. I bring playfulness, ancient wisdom and love into my ceremonies to help you experience ultimate joy and freedom. In training.

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Diwa Tharan Sanders

MALAYSIA & SRI LANKA. I love leading heart-opening breathwork ceremonies & other practices such as Kundalini Yoga that bring you into intimate, sacred
connection to your essence & the experience of the Soul. 

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Shanti and Sol Ramana

CENTRAL TILBA, NSW, AUSTRALIA. We love to incorporate Breath of Bliss into retreats at our beautiful forest retreat called “Gongwana”. We are also both trained as one-on-one breathwork practitioners. We hope to help you wake up to your full radiant loving Self! In training.

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Sammy Kent

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA. Come commune with beautiful souls, deepen self-love and experience fulfillment with the breath! I bring a background in sound healing and shamanic work to my sessions. I am also trained to provide you with one-on-one sessions. In training.

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Laura Munay

Combining a deep passion for ritual and ceremony, and extensive experience with the Shamanic and Birthing realms, Laura creates a strong and nurturing container for the mystery and magik to unfurl in a powerful way. In training[email protected] 

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Joanne Farrell

BYRON BAY, AUSTRALIA. I use the breath and movement as for healing and empowerment so you can live life to the fullest. Join me for a fun filled transformation experience! In training.

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Issia Miller

BYRON BAY. Through the alchemical tools of sound, breathe and movement we will explore, awaken and remember the unique expressions of our divine essence. Bodyworker, energy worker, tantrica, yoga instructor. In training.

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Donna Mortlock

GOLD COAST. I bring a background in personal growth and development to my Breath of Bliss events. They are deeply personal and nurturing. I love sharing my authentic joy and helping you to discover how to shine even brighter. In training.

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Lucas Aurelius

MELBOURNE. I'm grounded and present from a background in the army. I bring compassion, love and understanding to my gatherings. I integrate sound healing with crystal singing bowls and the sounds of plants. In training.

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Kirsty Targrass

MELBOURNE/BALI (location free) I believe life is sacred and you are the ceremony. I welcome and invoke your purity & innocence to be felt & seen for it is through these qualities you can transform your pain, fear & hurt into the highest frequency of love. I am also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Feminine Embodiment Mentor. In training.

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Claudine Pavia

MOUNT MAUNGANUI, BAY OF PLENTY, NEW ZEALAND. I bring my Brazilian roots into every ceremony with color, shamanic earth and animal energies and Mama love! In training.

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Freea Fontanella

I bring love, presence and vibrance to ceremony. I create connection, earth awareness, passion and healing.
I will empower you to live your dreams and feel alive! In training.

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Adhi Bail

SUNSHINE COAST, AUSTRALIA. I am passionate about yoga, movement and evolution ! Mother nature is my greatest inspiration and my breath work ceremonies are rooted in earth awareness and conscious ascension as we breath together towards creating a new earth.


Carla Wainwright

PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA. I am a passionate believer in the power of the breath to facilitate healing, awakening and transformation. I bring 20+ years of embodied yoga facilitation, along with a love for helping others connect to their authentic selves! Level 2 Certified 2017.

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Nina Infinity

ALBERTA, CANADA. I am professional hoop dancer with years of experience helping people feel at home in their bodies. My breathworks will provide you with a safe and nurturing space for you to feel it all and discover new things about yourself. In training.

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Helen Styles

QUESNEL, BRITISH COLUMBIA. I love sharing the power of breath for self-illumination. I bring qualities of compassion and depth to my ceremonies, creating space for you to fully enter the holy tenderness of your heart and remember your divine nature. In training.

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Sabine BP

HULL, QUEBEC. I've trained with conscious living and loving and Coaches Training Institute. I bring my passion for vitality, joy and empowerment to my sessions. In training.

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Kelsey Lawford

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Im passionate about profound transformation. I offer healing, intuitive gifts and shamanic tools with my workshops. I would love to support you in creating a life you truly love! In training.

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Freya McFarlane

TORONTO ONTARIO, CANADA. I combine the essence of Tao tantra, personal intimacy & sacred feminine mysteries with breathwork ~ my background in midwifery brings the power of birth into ceremony; unveiling deep transformation for personal empowerment. In training. 

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Ian Mullet & Terri McGovern

CHELTENHAM, ENGLAND. We are a husband and wife team, both Gestalt Psychotherapists. We bring heart, depth and presence to our breathwork ceremonies. In training.

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Andri Skoulariki

GREECE. Journey into the Self. Explore how to use Breath to nourish yourself, be soothed and supercharged with refined energy. Come cruise through the Energies of Self Love, well-being and deep connection. Dare to dive deep into the HEART. In training.

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Robert Gadjos

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. I'm a life coach with training in conscious loving and living and Byron Katie's "The Work". I bring presence and deep listening to my gatherings. In training.

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Lydia Niestadt

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. I am fascinated by the secrets of life that we may discover in our personal journeys. I am excited to share my experiences with you through Breath of Bliss ceremonies. In training.

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Sylvie Martin

FRANCE. I've been on a path of transformation, discovery and reconnection to my true "essence" for 15 years. I am excited to share my experiences with you through Breath of Bliss ceremonies. I live and teach between Bali and France. In training.

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Mela Mariposa

SWITZERLAND. I'm a nurse, nutritionist and yoga teacher. I healed myself with breath, mantras and dance. Come breathe with me! We will celebrate your divine essence. We will discover what is longing to be expressed through you. Now is the time. In training.

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Anabel James

ENGLAND AND FRANCE. I bring a background in nutrition. It is my greatest pleasure to help you feel radiant, connected and supported. Join me in a sanctuary for your soul. You are a divine being of light. I see you. Let's breathe, move and sound and discover what wants to happen next. In training.

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Djina Tangali

NETHERLANDS. I LOVE acroyoga and I am practicing yoga over 10 years. I can't wait to share my refreshing energy with you, help you to open your heart and feel more presence. Join my breathwork sessions and I will spoil your senses with scents, beautiful music and juicy movements. In training.

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Kamillie Aviana

Denmark. I’m so passionate about my work. I bring heart opening presence, authenticity and pure light. My offerings combine ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, light language, shamanic work, 1:1 sessions and deep transformative work. In training.
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Mine Yalcin Fuller

SAUDI ARABIA & TURKEY. I am a certified yoga instructor and a facilitator of 5 Elements Dance. I bring my passion for movement, stillness and authenticity to all my breathwork ceremonies. In training.

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Richard McFarland-Dorworth

ASHLAND, OREGON. AKA, "Diamond Heart". I'm passionate about shamanic journeys and working with spirit guides. I have a background as a river rafting guide that inspires helping you go with the flow in your breathwork. Level 2 Certified 2015.

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Anne Van de Water

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA. My breathworks are for powerful visionaries ready to walk their talk and embody their message! I bring 2 decades of yoga instruction, teacher training and coaching. In training.

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Selina Gabriel

PRINCEVILLE, HAWAII. I bring the spirit of Hawaii- the energies of the ocean, dolphins, whales and sacred volcanos. Ecstatic dance is central in my ceremonies. I bring tenderness, innocence and heart. In training.

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Kara Joy

MAINE. Come breathe with me! I've travelled the world studying spiritual traditions on a path of awakening and am excited to share what I have discovered. You are already what you seek. Together we will breathe, move and love what is! In training.

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Jacy Evolution

FLORIDA. I love teaching. For me, holding breathwork ceremonies is a presence practice. It is a way I deepen my own ability to be fully in the now, while helping you to do the same. In training.

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Kristi Sandeno

LOS ANGELES/ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Connect to a wellspring of health, joy, energy, abundance and bliss that is the Truth of who you are. I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Spiritual Coach & Sound Healer. My ceremonies will help you live from essence! In training.

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Terez Autrand

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA. An energy healer, life coach and private yoga instructor. I love calling in my Native American heritage and creating beautiful, sacred spaces where participants feel safe to come as they are and get what they need. In training.

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Juna Mustad

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA. I am a conscious living and loving coach graduate of the leadership and transformation program at the Hendricks Institute. I bring a passion for authenticity to all my breathwork ceremonies. In training.

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Kylene Goforth

FENTON, MICHIGAN. I love helping people live vibrantly healthy lives! I am a licensed accupuncturist and I bring my love of Chinese Medicine to my breathwork ceremonies. In training.

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