Blue Lotus Tea and Breathwork! A Match Made in Heaven

The Blue Lotus Flower, Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Water Lily, is an ancient sacred flower with medicinal properties that can enhance the dreamtime quality of your Breath of Bliss journey. It softens the mind, opens intuition, and increases feelings of sensory aliveness and connection. It's a beautiful, gentle plant medicine that can be combined with connected breathing practices to bridge the seen and unseen realms.

Blue Lotus is an inherently mystical  flower. It is an otherworldly, vibrant blue in color and only blooms once a year for just three days!

Blue Lotus promotes relaxation, increases blood flow, gently induces expanded states of consciousness, euphoria and is known as an aphrodisiac. It is a general nervous system tonic and adaptogen.

In Buddhism, this holy flower symbolizes the beauty of purity and resurrection - rising up from the mud, and spiritual awakening. It is said to hold the wisdom of the entire universe!

Lotus seeds are also held with reverence in India because the seeds are a blueprint, holding the perfectly formed leaves as a template for the mature plant - therefore inviting us to reflect on our own innate wholeness and completeness, knowing that we have all that we need within.

The Blue Lotus flower was also used by the ancient Greeks and Tibetans... but the greatest visual record of use is associated with the Egyptians. 

In Egypt, the blue lotus symbol can be found on every single sacred structure, on pillars, thrones and crowns of the Divine Kings- it is literally EVERYWHERE, and often shown with the sun god Ra as the bringer of light and Nefertem. 

It is said that Isis made perfume from this sacred flower and Cleopatra bathed in Blue Lotus essences because of it's mystical and magical properties.

In Egypt the Blue Lotus was used to enhance Divine communion and higher states of consciousness by being steeped in wine to enhance the effects. It was used in celebrations, ceremonies and religious activities. Egyptian sacred texts refer to it as a plant medicine for ascension that assists souls in reaching heaven.

In my experience...

I've noticed that when I drink my own special Blue Lotus tea blend, mental chatter goes silent. I feel more open, more receptive to visual experiences, fractals and light while doing breathwork. I feel more feminine and open to creative ideas, light language and medicine songs. My whole body just feels more relaxed and "on the edge" of the invisible realms.

When I drink Blue Lotus tea before facilitating breathwork ceremonies, I feel more receptive to Divine guidance moving through me. Access to a vast Akashic inter dimensional space beyond linear reality becomes much more tangible and easier to feel. I have a much more psychedelic experience of sound frequencies and sometimes when combined with  breathwork, the Blue Lotus seems to reactivate the effects of other plant medicines I've had in the past - albeit in a very subtle way.

I'm serving Blue Lotus tea in some of my upcoming Breath of Bliss breathwork ceremonies here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii ! Come join me at the next one - A Divine Feminine Full Moon Celebration on Saturday December 18, 10:30am-12noon - click here to register.

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As with any supplement, check with your doctor before use...

Meanwhile, what have your experiences have you had with Blue Lotus? Share in the comments below!