Calling all facilitators, coaches and guides

Wanna create heaven on Earth? Let's do it.

Aloha angel! I'm Christabel. I'm here to help you come home to the truth of who you are so you so you can share your magic with the world.

For over 20 years, I've been creating life-changing group programs to ignite profound transformation. My mission is to help you embody your Divine gifts and step into your highest potential, so together, we can raise the vibration of humanity.

I've trained and certified over 1000 instructors and touched over a million lives globally through HoopGirl and Breath of Bliss. YOU CAN TOO.

My step-by-step instructional book and training videos have inspired over 50,000 people to greater pleasure and embodiment. As a speaker, channel and high-frequency coach, I've led breath ceremonies for 500+ participants, pioneered the first mobile, global breathwork festival -  Breathfest, and headlined at the International Breathwork Foundation Conference.

I'm trusted by platforms like MindValley Academy and the Shift Network, I hold two master’s degrees specializing in Mythology and Depth Psychology and proudly serve as a HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador.

Join me and my team in seeding light on Earth. Now is the time to help our species have a quantum leap of awakening into Love. It all starts with YOU... and the groups you are here to guide. Let's do this! 

The world needs your voice and vision.

Breath of Bliss helps you open your heart and WAKE UP with ecstatic dance, deep sharing and an hour-long breath journey. Move emotions, upgrade your beliefs, unleash creativity and connect with the Divine.

Remember who you really are.

Stop playing small, for good. Breath of Bliss can naturally release dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the brain. This can create expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs.

Get the answers you're looking for.

Wrangling with inner critics, confusion, tough choices or challenging emotions? This practice is a natural way to get mind-blowing clarity in less than an hour. Stop outsourcing to gurus and get guidance from within.

Lead with inspired action.

Be a heart-based leader! Evolve global consciousness by being more raw, real and authentic. Create a life in full alignment with your truth. Share your vulnerability and presence as you deepen your world service.

We take bliss seriously.

As an established industry leader, we have been doing research on the clinical benefits of breathwork and just completed our first BRAIN MAPPING STUDY with Integrative & MindBody Medicine Physician, Dr. Dani Gordon of Zen Brain Lab, a world leader in brain-based wellness and neurofeedback training. Read about the amazing results here showing the benefits of Breath of Bliss.

A New Paradigm in Breathwork: Ceremonies

Humanity is hungry for the sacred. As a global team we are sharing a new model of breathwork as a 2 hour heart awakening ceremony in a safe space of beauty and care. We include connection practices, ecstatic dance, light body activation, high vibration coaching and an hour long breath journey. Events are sensitively guided to give permission for whatever wants to arise. All of you is welcome - sadness, fear, anger, joy, sexual feelings and everything in between. Our yin approach invites a softening so you can feel whatever you have suppressed or pushed away, and open to clear guidance, creative ideas, psychedelic experiences with the divine and more. 

Remember your innocence

You are an eternal being of LIGHT, here on Earth with a unique mission. Our audios, intensives and professional breathwork facilitator certification program help have a direct experience of awakening so you can share your gifts with the world. Join our worldwide tribe of facilitators -- a collective of life coaches, CEOs, doctors, meditators, corporate executives, therapists, yogis, healers, moms -- uplifting the human collective with breath. 

Breathe in paradise

Love tropical islands? Our trainings all happen at exotic locations such as Bali, Hawaii and Thailand where the crystal waters, sunrises, waterfalls, and jungles inspire deep breaths. Come on a sacred pilgrimage and immerse yourself in the healing power of nature. All our online offerings are created here too so that they transmit the magic of these wonderlands.

Rise up!


Remember who you are/


Awaken your magic.


Create community.


Come home.


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