April 23, 2018
Byron Bay, Australia

A One-Day Breathwork Festival!



Join Us!


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A Brand New Mobile  Transformational Festival

Join us as we build community, deepen presence and celebrate life! Circular breathing is a powerful practice that increases health, radiance and emotional wellbeing. Enjoy workshops from lead faculty and graduates of the Breath of Bliss Academy, each sharing unique gifts. This day has the power to change your life!

It's More Than a Festival... It's a Community. Join Us!


Explore circular breath to expand awareness, feel more connection and aliveness, release stuck emotions, open to creativity and non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Wake up your whole body with ecstatic dance, shaking, and Taoist exercises to optimize life force energy. Connect to Pacha Mama, activate shakti, liberate energy and rejeuvinate.


Discover the healing power of vibration. Express yourself to move emotional energy. Sing along with our live musicians. Receive sound healing during the breathwork sessions.

What People Are Saying...

"Absolutely outstanding. My cup, runneth over. Two days later and I'm still vibrating. Nothing at the Spirit Festival even came close to this experience. I flew 21 hours to get to here and it was worth every second." --Mark Gerbrandt

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A transformational festival is a place to meet courageous, open, loving souls who want to explore awakening, embodiment and connection.

2017 Schedule... Stay Tuned for 2018!

Cacao Plant Medicine Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

Partake in "The Food of the Gods"! Cacao is an entheogen and has been used for thousands of years in South America as sacred substance to open the heart and stimulate expanded awareness. We will savour this delicious brew, created with local Balinese ingredients, move in embodied animal dancing and then freestyle ecstatic dance. What a way to start the day!

Two Breath of Bliss Ceremonies

Awaken Shakti in the morning and then Feel More Ecstasy in the afternoon. Both workshops emphasize connecting with Mother Earth to self-source what you most desire with breath, movement and sound. Exercises help you feel more life force and pleasure. 

Lunchtime Panel with Surprise Guests

During lunch sit back and listen to seasoned breathwork pioneers talk about the power of breath, movement and sound to transform consciousness, release stuck emotions and stimulate awakening. Also learn about the importance of integration.

Ecstatic Shaking, Orgasmic Earthing & Taosit Energy Practices

Free up energy in the body, open and unlock. Expand your range of motion, pack restorative chi into your organs and explore ancient practices to cleanse and purify your body.

Inspiring Hawaiian Musicians

Noelani will be playing ukulele lullabyes during breaks. Elijah will lead the closing celebration.

Elijah Ray and the Band of Light

Noelani Love

Somatic Integration

We want to assist everyone in staying resiliant, with the capacity to integrate this experience. We have a dedicated COZY CORNER staffed by a group of professionals available to help you stay present, grounded and oriented. We also have 30 minutes of downtime between each session for you to rest, reflect and connect.

Sacred Space

Beauty heals. Bring something gorgeous to place on the altar! Our team will be trasforming the festival pavillion into a giant temple space, cleaning it with sacred plant resins, sound prayer and blessings.

Connect. Awaken. Liberate.

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BreathFest Vision

We are passionate global gypsies who love sharing ecstastic awakening. This pop-up festival is available to be co-produced by any festival or conference as an official add-on event. We love sharing in natural settings and in organic structures like tipis, yurts and domes. You arrange the infrastructure, chill zones, on-site food carts, and conscious vendors. We bring an extraordinary TEAM of Breath of Bliss Facilitators, musicians, and somatic and shamanic support. Enjoy a full day of aliveness, beauty, and sensation!

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