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I’m Christabel! I help personal growth facilitators and transformational guides like you rise up and thrive while creating exponential global impact.

I'll help you create a professional training curriculum with proven life-changing outcomes for your clients. I'll also help you strategize your certification program and academy design, plus provide you with support in heart and soul based marketing and sales.

You were born to be part of the solution.

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Get out of your head and into your body. Breathe deep, open your senses, and build new neural pathways. Warm up the lungs and access the “now".


Next, get in touch with your emotions. Use revealing sentence starters in pairs to melt emotional armoring and connect with your higher self. Feel more open.


Next, lie down for the hour-long, guided breath journey. Access expanded states of consciousness as you breathe in and out without any pauses.


Proven to Impact the Brain






Brain scans demonstrate that our unique combination of ecstatic dance, heart shares and a breath journey has a state-changing impact, reducing stress, burnout, anxiety, overwhelm & low energy conditions. After Breath of Bliss, participants felt more connected, loving, happy and free while also showing brain signatures associated with increased nervous system resilience.

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We provide safe spaces for expansion and communion with the Divine.












"Most of us hunger to connect to this space within, to break through to bliss, to be swept away into something bigger than us..." - Gabrielle Roth

Where world changers come to awaken.

"I’ve worked with Christabel for the past 5 years and highly recommend her as an 'activator' for your retreat or training.. My clients constantly said Breath of Bliss was their favourite part of my program and that the transformation they experienced in one short workshop gave them clarity from years of searching. This woman is a master at her craft... Hands-down one of the most inspiring leaders I know." Dr. Andréa Paige, ND, MSc, Founder Live For Vitality

“Since 2009 I’ve done many forms of breathwork, but Breath of Bliss was the most powerful I’ve ever experienced. It was a stressful time for me and my husband. We did it together and had a beautiful moment of sharing, crying and heart opening. It was so powerful for us as a couple! I highly recommend Christabel's retreats.” Dr. Dani Gordon, MD, CCFP, ABOIM, ABIHM, Integrative & MindBody Medicine Physician, Founder Zen Brain Lab

“I am so touched by your heart, by the way you love and by the way you welcome people into openness and freedom. The magnificence and mastery you have created! Beloved, with respect and appreciation, you qualify to be called, ‘Master of Love’.”  Dr. Lena Kristina Tuulse, Founder International Breathwork Foundation, Psychologist, Family Therapist.

“I was profoundly moved by Christabel’s “I Am Bliss Journey”. Christabel’s love-infused voice takes us deep on a magical journey to our deepest self. So many levels of emotion and insight were revealed. A truly transformative and empowering experience. I’m hooked and want more! Bless you Christabel …. your work is so needed today and your expression is exquisite.” Bruce Cryer, former CEO HeartMath Institute for 11 years, Adjunct Faculty at Stanford University 

"Christabel is the most amazing Goddess! I'm bursting with energy, feeling so inspired and the creative juices keep flowing! Thank you." Veena Sidhu, Senior Partner Mind Valley

"Christabel is intuitive and open-hearted. Breath of Bliss was an invitation laugh, cry, and dance, alchemizing pain into pleasure, sadness into joy." Noelani Love, Shakti Goddess Retreats

"I highly recommend breathwork trainings with the wise and beautiful Christabel from Breath of Bliss. Her facilitation skills are masterful."   Devashi Shakti, Founder Tigress Yoga

"Breath of Bliss was one of the most powerful experiences of my life." Punnu Wasu, Oneness University Breathwork Teacher, Kirtan Singer

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