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Bliss Society Membership

EVERY THURSDAY, 12pm PDT. A Weekly Breathwork Membership to help you Align with the Divine, raise your vibration manifest miracles. Join this incredible community of luminaries. Register Now!


November 12-18th, 2021 ONLINE, Level 1 Self-Love Journey Breathwork Intensive

personal transformation experience - a multidimensional journey into love, a series of ascension initiations to support you in rising into angelic leadership. Learn more here.

April 11-17, 2022 Level 1 Self Love Journey Breathwork Intensive, LIVE in Bali

A life-changing six day initiation process with over 10 breath ceremonies, ecstatic dance, heart shares and much more. Breathe to embrace any rejected parts of yourself as holy while you cultivate more empathy, compassion, love and understanding. Register here. 

Bring Us

"Absolutely outstanding. My cup runneth over! Two days later and I'm still vibrating. Nothing at Bali Spirit Festival even came close to this experience. I flew 21 hours to get here and it was worth every second." - Mark Gerbrandt, Music Producer

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