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Level 1 Self-Love Journey
Breathwork Intensive

Become a Breath of Bliss Facilitator for Transformational Online Ceremonies 

A Warm Welcome from Christabel


The transformation you've been waiting for.

  • Open your heart and love the parts of you that you push away. 
  • Connect with your higher self, ascended masters, angels and Source.
  • Generate love and deepen presence so you can facilitate from overflow.
  • Level 1: Get 42 hours for your 200 hour Professional Breath of Bliss Online Facilitator Certificate.

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It's not a retreat. It's a rite of passage

Stop looking for gurus. Find the answers within.
Schedule for 2022 to be announced.
Level 1 in 2020 was a 6 day breathwork bootcamp for your soul.

  • Day 1: RESILENCE. Nourish your nervous system and heartfield.
  • Day 2: EMOTIONS. Make friends with feelings as sacred guardians. 
  • Day 3. FAMILY. Explore sacred contracts with mom, dad, birth and lineage.
  • Day 4. BODY. Rediscover your body as a transdimensional consciousness.
  • Day 5: RELATIONSHIPS. Discover how all relations are sacred mirrors.
  • Day 6: SOUL MISSION. Map out your Heaven on Earth timelines.

Have one "a-ha" after another.

Awaken Your Heart

  • Connect to the Divine and realize your sovereign divinity with prayers, invocations and blessings. 
  • Release densities and addictions to suffering with breath journeys, meditations, ecstatic dance and more.

Stop Stuffing How You Feel

  • Practice heart sharing to increase your comfort with discomfort, tears and speaking your truth.
  • Face what you have been avoiding
  • Release shame, increase authenticity, and reveal what you would rather hide.
  • Practice honoring what arises in the moment, and self-soothing when triggered, grounding and orienting.

Love Who You Are

  • Immerse in 10 connected breath journeys to honor your Divinity and awaken creativity.
  • Breathe to quiet the mind, let go and find safety in the unknown.
  • Gain perspective on your life, forgive yourself, boost worthiness and security. 

Create Connection

  • Open portals to connect with multi-dimensional versions of "you" across space and time.
  • Dialog with your own heart as a living oracle to metabolize traumas as treasure for authentic facilitation. 
  • Be seen and heard. Share daily in groups and one-on-one. Practice deep listening, emotional attunement and mirroring.

Step Up As A Wayshower

  • Journal, visualize and articulate your unique heart medicine so you can share your gifts with confidence.
  • Use breath to circulate presence.
  • Create a field grace around you that births miracles.

Claim Angelic Leadership 

  • Expand your capacity to love so you can live as an angel on Earth, in service of the Divine.
  • Use breath and visualization to connect with Gaia, your angel wings, activate your angelic DNA, lightcodes and more!
  • Clarity your vision of a New Earth and next steps,

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"Breath of Bliss is indescribable."


"One of the most profound experiences of my life."


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"This was ORGASMIC! Physical orgasm. Soul orgasm. Cosmic orgasm. I discovered that I can get mind-blowing pleasure just from breathing." - Ana Kristina, Energy Healer, Philippines

"My profound insight is that I am a man and it is now time to fully own it. Everything I need is within, I don't need to acquire or change. I learned to love my shadows as my guides!" - Yogesh Rajkotia, CEO Software Technology Company, Mozambique

"This is life-changing stuff! Seeing Christabel be so vulnerable gave permission to all of us to be or say anything. I felt so held and supported! I now have confidence live my soul's purpose." - Melanie Atkinson, Nutritionist, England