AUGUST 21+22, 2021

Plus Optional Bonus Day Aug 23

A Tropical Awakening in Hawaii.
 Breathe in the Magic of Lemuria!

Aloha! I'm Christabelđź’•

I'm the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy. I've been sharing angelic ceremonies on exotic islands for almost a decade. Come join me to reconnect with your ancient future self as an ambassador of light. Breathe deep, activate your ascension and commune with the dolphins as galactic teachers of bliss!


Become the Paradise Frequency 

Saturday August 21 10am-5pm

A day of dolphin-inspired ceremony including Breath of Bliss, ecstatic dance, decrees, lightbody meditation, heart opening practices and crystal bowl sound healing. Includes vegan lunch.

Sunday August 22 7am-1:30pm

Dolphin inspired cacao ceremony, 4 hour dolphin swim boat charter, followed by an integration circle on the beach. 


Open to Dolphin Codes

Become Luminous

Glow up with solar angels. Amplify your ability generate crystalline light and send it towards an intended outcome. Connect with your Heaven on Earth timelines.

Remember Lemuria

Breathe into your expanded self, communing with aspects in other dimensions such as Lemuria, and yourself as an angelic, galactic and Source.

Be with Dolphins

Swim in crystal clear waters and apprentice to these teachers of innocence, purity, and bliss. Be blessed by oceanic vortexes and high frequency transmissions.

What People Say 

A Magical Portal

"This is a magical portal! I feel so light and free. I was blessed with many beautiful visions of light, flowers, animals and energy dancing and flowing throughout and around me, my cells, and my diamond light body. Thank you for your angelic guidance "

Rainbow Gold

"Thank you for that stunning and magical prayerfield. I have released the unworthiness and paralysis stopping me from my work as a spiritual healer and visionary. Your transmission is pure rainbow gold!"

Soul Purpose

"The connection to Source I feel is incredible and I'm channeling for the first time. My soul purpose is being clearly revealed! I didn't know I could feel so aligned. I feel so safe, euphoric and at peace while there's so much fear in the air. Thank you!"

2 Day Dolphin Bliss Retreat


2 Payments, One Now and One Next Month


2 Day Dolphin Bliss Retreat Payment Plan


Save $43 with Single Payment


Want to Go Deeper? Add an Extra VIP Bonus Day on August 23: Crystalline Light Language in the Sacred Waters

9am-3pm. Group hike to a magical beach for an extra day to commune with glittering, translucent blue waters as crystalline plasma and practice expressing your soul signature frequencies through Light Language! Includes time for group meditation, private communion, doing your own journaling/channeling and sharing. Pack in your own lunch/snacks. More bonus surprises to come... 

Dolphin Bliss Retreat PLUS Extra VIP Light Language Day Payment Plan


2 Payments, One Now and One Next Month


Dolphin Bliss Retreat PLUS Extra VIP Light Language Day


Save $43 with Single Payment


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