A Breathwork Membership for Spiritual Luminaries to Help You Align with the Divine, Raise Your Vibration, and Become the Miracle

Aloha! I'm Christabel💕

This membership is your weekly high frequency support system. Explore expanded states of consciousness, transmute densities into bliss and discover the next steps of how to serve humanity. Broadcasting live from Hawaii 3 Thursdays per month so you can align and shine during these times of change. 

Get out of your head and into your body

The promise of Bliss Society is multidimensional awakening.

Wake up from the dream of being alone, wrong, not good enough, not ready. Breathe deep. F-e-e-l the truth. You are Divine. You are holy. You are blessed. Bliss is your birthright! 

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

2 Two Hour LIVE Breath of Bliss Ceremonies 

  • Elevate your frequency with high vibe decrees, intentions and prayers.
  • Awaken your sensuality and with ecstatic dance so you can think less and feel more.
  • Channel messages from your heart, Higher Self and Soul.
  • Expand consciousness in a psychedelic breath journey to connect with your angels, Ascended Masters, I AM Presence and Source..

1 One Hour LIVE Miracle Mindset Masterclass with Q&A

  • Get practices to release fears, doubts, and worries so you can rise up into the highest levels of freedom and Divine love.
  • Discover Christabel's secrets to boosting radiance, vitality and optimism, regardless of external circumstances.
  • Get easy, step by step methods to help you confidently rise up into Angelic Leadership as an authentic spiritual guide.

Be a Source of Light

Rise up as a pilgrim of peace, a beacon of hope and a voice amidst chaos.

Anchor I AM Presence

Breathe, move and sound to connect with angels, Ascended Masters and Source. 

Live as Your Higher Self

Boost psychic immunity and the ability to discern your emotions from those of others.

Bonus #1: The Vibrate Higher Vault!

24 Ceremony Replays Broadcast From The Big Island of Hawaii in 2021 to Help you Rise Up As an Embodied Channel and Spiritual Guide.Value $1056!

Bonus #2: 10 Hours of Activations!

11 hours of activations to help you expand consciousness, align, and connect to Source so you can rise up and serve in the biggest way. Value $978!

Amplify I AM Presence

Birth New Realities into Form

Elevate Your Frequency

Merge with the Divine

Bonus #3: The Manifest Miracles Motherlode

11 2021 Miracle Mindset Masterclass Replays to Help You Raise Your Vibration and Elevate Consciousness. Value $363!

Become Blissgasmic!

Feel more alive, open-hearted and luminous.


Breathe to Connect with the Mind of God

Feel Pleasure and Bliss

Release co-dependence, inner critics, caring what people think, dimming to fit in and living in your mind so you can feel more pleasure and bliss.

Awaken as a Cosmic Being

Awaken as a multidimensional cosmic being living simultaneously in past, future, and parallel lifetimes.

Boost Spiritual Self Confidence

Trust yourself, your emotions, imagination, creativity and intuition more so you can speak with more spiritual self confidence as a teacher.

Share Your Medicine

Connect with your Higher Self so you can live in alignment as a Divine Creator and angel on Earth here and be an ambassador of Source.

What Luminaries Are Saying

I AM At My Highest

“Bliss Society is PRICELESS. It is the Global Cure! I literally cannot comprehend how powerful this is - I AM at my highest - Thank you, a million, billion, gazillion times. Words cannot describe the breakthroughs of God embodiment you hold. This should be 10K... and that would be a steal!"

- Emily Jackman, Ascension Coach

Favorite Self-Care

“Breath of Bliss is my favorite self care program ever! It’s been a great rhythm to have this weekly time together. This work has been so supportive and this offering is massively excellent. Plus it’s a great deal!

- Jenny Viva, M.D, Clairvoyant

Angelic Divinity

I love Bliss Society! So illuminating. I am in awe. I now forgive myself for not believing in me and I release my fear of failure and survival...All light and shadows are cleared! The Truth is safe to know. I AM all that I AM, the Light, the Shadows, ALL of it... I AM angelic divinity!

- Livia Taravella, Healing Guide

I AM Rising in Love

"With Bliss Society I AM Rising in Love-
I AM centered in the Portal of My Heart.
I am flooding forgiveness towards myself for the weight of expectations I have put on myself to do so much. I heal the story of not being enough.
I am present in this body. I feel so much light emanating from me now! 💫 💕"

- Nina Infinity, Somatic Facilitator

Highest Field of Unity

“I repeated this week’s ceremony again this morning and had an even deeper dive! The medicine songs take me into a potent field. This is a practice for all in these times of forgetting our Oneness! I want to share Bliss Society with my whole community – it’s a tool to stay in the highest vibratory field of unity!”

- Sarah Umae, Founder 
Planetary Priestess 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School

Pure Innocence

“OH MY GOODNESS! I just did the Medicine Dream Breathwork Ceremony. It was BEAUTIFUL! I welcome back all of me - my angel self/selves, my medicine woman selves, the pure innocence of baby me, the ancient wise one in me. I now know I AM a conduit of angelic radiance! So, so powerful! Thank you!”

- Danielle Batley, Medicine Woman

Become A Leader

“I am so grateful that I had the courage to join Bliss Society! In today’s ceremony I set the intention to become a leader and had a royal psychedelic experience! I telepathically downloaded the codes of empowerment - it was a total initiation. I am transcending all lower frequency paradigms right NOW. I am operating at the highest frequencies of all dimensions, engaging in the highest service. My soul is in full alignment with the Source of existence. Thank you!!”

-Brandi Rosenberg, Medium

Sparkling Energy

“WOW! Christabel…that was amazing! I don’t know how to describe it except it was breath …of …bliss!😁 So so magical! Everything was full of sparkling energy and I also saw an eagle, a raven, a hummingbird and lots of dragonflies! I feel calm, content, peaceful and at the same time…happy, excited and joyful! 😀 Can’t wait to do more of Bliss Society!”

- Bev Erly, Visionary Artist

Remembering Who I AM

“The past months have thrown many curve balls my way. I’m surprised to be so present and I credit SO much to you and to Bliss Society!! I’ve made light years of progress with the help of Breath of Bliss that decades of therapy never could provide...Now I surrender into each moment with love, compassion, grace and forgiveness. I am remembering who I truly am. Words will never be able to express how grateful I am to you! ❤️”

- Cheryl Hillman, Teacher

My Awakening

"What you offer is pure, from Spirit and so needed! Your last Miracle Mindset Masterclass has woken me up to the abuse I suffer on a daily basis and has helped me make the biggest decision of my life to leave my 27 year relationship. Thank you!"

-Adhi Bail, Yoga Instructor 

Divine Light

I went deep into the angelic realms, on a journey guided by Christabel! She is truly anchoring the highest Divine light for humanity at this time. I received so much clarity! Please do yourself a favor and join Bliss Society!

-Joy Hope Mazier, Multidimensional Healer

Wave of Pure Joy

I am, me, myself, free, fully safe, supported, resting in my own Divine stability. I am riding through life on a wave of pure joy love of being, breathing, giving and living as ME, myself, my own divine magical frequencyyyyy! Thank you!

-Kristiane Bryn

Weekly Care

Imagine how it would feel to have consistent loving support from Christabel and our high vibe community of rising leaders as you navigate everyday challenges, emotions and this new world! What would change by regularly expanding your consciousness to see the "big picture" of your soul? Bliss Society will help you realign, get empowered and step into leadership! Give yourself this gift. 

Register for Annual VIP Membership and Get More Bonuses, Discounts and Savings!

Save money while getting premium access to:

  • 20 more Breath of Bliss Ceremonies
  • 10 Miracle Mindset Meditations
  • 10% discount on trainings!

VIP Bonus #4: The Leader of Light Ceremony Bundle

20 Ceremony Replays from Bali and Hawaii in 2020 to Help you Awaken as an Immortal Being of Light and Angel on Earth Here to Serve Humanity. Value $880!

VIP Bonus #5: Miracle Meditations Treasure Chest

Boost connection and resilience with this multidimensional meditation kit. Value $363!

Bonus #6: 10% Discount off the Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training 

This bonus already pays for the entire value of the membership! Our already discounted levels 1+2 Professional Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training $7999 - saving 10% means saving $799. After this Bliss Society just cost you $5!

Bliss Society Monthly Membership


Monthly Access

Billed Monthly

($914 Value)

2 live Breath of Bliss ceremonies

1 live Miracle Mindset masterclass

1 live Soul Mission Support Call

Supportive Facebook Community Private Group 

The VAULT: Bliss Society Breathwork & Masterclass Archives

BONUSES: Self Soothing Solution, Drama Detox, Ascension Buddy Blueprint, Best of Breathfest


VIP Annual Bliss Society Membership


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Save more, get more Plus a year of access.

Billed Annually

Single Payment of $797

($2453 Value)

EVERYTHING in Bliss Society Membership PLUS:

VIP Monthly meditation videos

LEADER OF LIGHT CEREMONY BUNDLE: 20 Breath of Bliss ceremonies!

10% discount off Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training Program!

Exclusive ability to apply for one of 4 discounted private coaching packages with Christabel


VIP Annual Bliss Society Membership


Most Popular

Save more, get more Plus a year of access.

2 Monthly Payments of $417

($2453 Value)

EVERYTHING in Bliss Society Membership PLUS:

VIP Monthly meditation videos

LEADER OF LIGHT CEREMONY BUNDLE: 20 Breath of Bliss ceremonies!

10% discount off Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training Program!

Exclusive ability to apply for one of 4 discounted private coaching packages with Christabel


Live Schedule and Details:

  • 1st+3rd Thursday of each month 12-2pm PT Breathwork Journeys.
  • 2nd Thursday of each month 12-1pm PT Miracle Mindset Coaching+Q&A.
  • 4th Thursday of each month 12-1 PT Creative Playdate Call. 

Please note that Daylight Saving Time is on March 13, 2022. Click here to check your time zone. 


  • Replays for each session added to online portal within 24 hours.
  •  Occasional 5th Thursday of a month - No live call, use the library of light for personal practice
  • All Bliss Society members get "Bliss and Miracles Activation" immediately upon enrolling.
  • VIP Members also receive "Leader of Light" upon enrolling.

Have more questions?

A: Everything is in your Library of Light online portal located at BreathBliss.com! Just log in to access all the breathwork ceremonies, masterclasses, meditations, and more — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Plus you can join our private Facebook group to find ascension buddies, ask questions, share your miracles and have fun! This high-vibe community will support you on your spiritual path.