A Breathwork Membership to Help You Align with the Divine, Raise Your Vibration and Become the Miracle

Aloha! I'm Christabelđź’•

I'm the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy. I've helped tens of thousands feel more connected, ecstatic and empowered. This membership is your weekly support system, providing live interactive online breathwork ceremonies, miracle masterclasses, soul mission meetings and more. Join our community, find new high vibe besties and create genuine, meaningful connection. I'm broadcasting live from Hawaii every Thursday so you can align and shine during these times of change. 


Transform self doubt into self love.

The promise of Bliss Society is multidimensional awakening. Wake up from the dream of being alone, wrong, not good enough, not ready. Quiet your mind. Get into your body. Breathe deep. F-e-e-l the truth. You are Divine. You are holy. You are blessed. Bliss is your birthright. 

Monthly Membership Perks

Put self care first.

 Enjoy practices to help you feel more alive, open-hearted and luminous.

Attend live Zoom calls every Thursday at 12pm PDT.

Be a Source of Light

Rise up as a pilgrim of peace, a beacon of hope and a voice of sanity amidst chaos.

Anchor the I AM Presence

Use breath, movement and sound to connect with your angels, guides and Source.

See with Your Higher Self

Boost psychic immunity and the ability to discern your emotions from those of others.


What People Say 

Come Home

"With all your beauty, you are helping us remember our angelic beingness and Divine Presence. With all your beauty, you are inviting us to come home to the place we never left, but forgot."

Receive Support

"An absolute delight. You're offering incredible goodness, downloads, energy re-calibrations, beauty, permission, freedom, and love. This will greatly support my next steps!"

Feel Love

"Profound, magical, and celestial! Your voice was love, your transmission was love, from a well of wisdom speaking to my heart. Christabel, you embody and inspire the essence of Christ light."

Weekly Care 

Imagine how it would feel to have consistent connection as you navigate this new world -- daily support from an online community of luminaries and inspiring weekly live gatherings to be held and nurtured as you feel it all. Give yourself this gift.

Upgrade to VIP Membership for a YEAR of Access, More Savings and Bonuses 

  • Leader of Light Ceremony Bundle, with 20 additional Breath of Bliss Ceremonies Broadcast from Bali and Hawaii
  • New Monthly Miracle Meditations
  • 10% off VIP Discount on Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training
  • Access to Apply for 1:1 Coaching

10% off VIP Discount on Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training

This bonus already pays for the entire value of the membership! Our already discounted Levels 1+2 Facilitator Training bundle $5449 - saving 10% means saving $544!

Exclusive Access to Apply for 1:1 Coaching

Christabel will only be accepting a maximum of 4 coaching clients for 2 month packages in 2021, and applications are only open to VIP Bliss Society Members. This ensures that a baseline of foundational awareness prior to deeper, more focused private work. Details inside the membership portal!

Live Schedule and Details:

  • 1st+3rd Thursday of each month 12-2pm PT Breathwork Journeys.
  • 2nd Thursday of each month 12-1pm PT Miracle Mindset Coaching+Q&A.
  • 4th Thursday of each month 12-1 PT Creative Playdate Call. 


  • Replays for each session added to online portal within 24 hours.
  •  Occasional 5th Thursday of a month - No live call, use the library of light for personal practice
  • All Bliss Society members get "Bliss and Miracles Activation" immediately upon enrolling.
  • VIP Members also receive "Leader of Light" upon enrolling.

Bliss Society Monthly Membership


Monthly access

Billed Monthly

($914 value)

  • 2 live Breath of Bliss ceremonies
  • 1 live Miracle Mindset masterclass
  • 1 live Soul Mission Support Call
  • Supportive Facebook Community Private Group 
  • The VAULT: Bliss Society Breathwork & Masterclass Archives
  • BONUSES: Self Soothing Solution, Drama Detox, Ascension Buddy Blueprint, Best of Breathfest

VIP Annual Bliss Society Membership


Save more, get more, plus a YEAR of access.

Billed annually

($2453 value)

  • EVERYTHING in Bliss Society Membership PLUS:
  • VIP Monthly Miracle Meditation Audios.
  • LEADER OF LIGHT CEREMONY BUNDLE: 20 Breath of Bliss ceremonies!
  • 10% discount off Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training Program!
  • Exclusive ability to apply for one of 4 discounted private coaching packages with Christabel!

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