Self-Love Journey
Breathwork Intensive
2022 Dates TBA
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Rise into Angelic Leadership!

6 days of ceremony with invocations, prayers, intention setting, ecstatic dance, heart shares, meditations and 10 connected breath journeys!

Breathe to develop the consciousness of an angel.

Generate unconditional love, compassion, empathy and tender presence. Release densities and distortions and cultivate a field of grace. Open up as a conduit between heaven and earth to access your soul's wisdom!

If you are wanting to become a Breath of Bliss Facilitator, this is Level 1 of our certification program and and the beginning of your path as a professional breathwork facilitator.

I'm In!

Come to the Island of the Gods

Lemuria is real! We meet at a spiritually supercharged permaculture ecovillage in the heart of Ubud!


Explore Breathwork for Ascension in Our Temple

Elevate your consciousness. Own your voice and vision and get clear about your unique heart medicine. Shift your focus from trauma and drama to service and co-creating the New Earth.

Each day has a specific focus to grow your heart and ability to love: energy, emotions, family, body, relationships and soul mission.

A Warm Welcome from Christabel


Organic Farm to Table Lunches Provided Daily

Mostly raw, gluten-free, vegan...and cooked and omnivore options also available.

Eco Resort Offerings


Lodging is not included in the conference fee. Book a room directly with Swasti Eco Cottages HERE. For room shares - you'll be added to a forum after registration where you can arrange with others. We'll also additional options.

Full Service Spa

For an additional fee you can enjoy on-site traditional Balinese and hot stone, flower baths, child care and more.

Salt Water Pool

All attendees get free all day access to the salt water pool! Super gentle on the eyes and skin, and a beautiful place to relax and bask between sessions.

Beloved Cafe

While lunch is included for our attendees, breakfast and dinner are also available for purchase at the cafe. Perfect for those who want to stay nestled in the cocoon of the ecovillage during our event. 

What's Included?

  • 6 days of ceremony with ecstatic dance, heart shares and breath journeys.
  • Open your heart, welcome emotions, resistance, and vulnerability. Love the parts of you that you push away.
  • Increase your comfort with discomfort, tears and speaking your truth. Stop stuffing how you feel and practice owning your truth.
  • Learn how to self-regulate your nervous system, ground, orient, and attune.
  • Free yourself from densities and distortions in your physical, emotional and mental bodies so you create a sacred space of grace that births miracles.
  • Explore air as plant medicine to have a realization of your sovereign divinity.
  • Step up as a Wayshower in a supportive community of likeminded lightworkers.
  • Learn light language, create your own medicine song, explore ascension meditations and more.
  • Connect with your heart, soul, angels, Ascended Masters, galactics, and Source!
  • Begin understanding how altars can be used to program space for grace.
  • Practice seeing with the eyes of your soul.
  • Identify your sacred contracts, heart medicine and claim your wisdom body.
  • Remember that you're an angel on Earth here to share your love with humanity.
  • Envision your Heaven on Earth timelines and create a clear vision for your next steps of service.
  • Daily organic Farm to Table lunches included.
  • All day access to salt water pool.
  • Receive a 200 page Ascension Playbook full of foundational material, inspiration, journaling practices and visualizations.
  • Get 42 hours of Angelic Leadership Training towards your 200 hour Professional Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Certificate.
  • And SO much more...
  • Note: If you want to become a Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator, sign up for both levels and take Level 1 in Bali & Level 2 in Thailand. 
2020 I'm Coming to Paradise! Sign Me Up for Level 1!

  • 13 more days of hands-on group facilitation mentorship with practice, expert feedback and support.
  • Explore ceremonial breathwork facilitation as a path of self-illumination.
  • Connect with the Earth and Sky as a conduit of the Divine with breath and visualization practices.
  • Practice channeling techniques to awaken your body as a somatic oracle.
  • Practice leading groups every single day. Facilitate connection exercises, intention setting, dharma talks, ecstatic dance, heart shares and an hour long group breathing journey.
  • Expand your capacity to facilitate coherently, with depth, presence, authenticity and love.
  • Learn how to sensitivly support breathers as they release emotions and experience resistance and breakthroughs, and practice navigating challenging situations.
  • Practice the Beautyway of blessings, prayer, invocations, creating and presenting your altar, designing ceremonies, choosing themes and creating music playlists.
  • Receive Breath of Bliss templates, blueprints, teaching and business building tools and a 300 page Group Facilitation Manual with step-by-step instructions on the art of creating sacred space.

  • Bonus: Training in facilitating Celestial Cacao Ceremonies and how to integrate it with your Breath of Bliss offering.
  • Bonus: Facilitate at an actual breathwork festival open to the public during the training at Breathfest!
  • Bonus: FREE follow up Visibility Challenge online course to market your offerings with social media.
  • Daily healthy mostly raw, vegan lunches included.
  • All day access to infinity ocean view pool.
  • Begin teaching your own Breath of Bliss events the day after you graduate!
  • Get 112 hours towards your 200 hour Certified Breath of Bliss Instructor Certificate.
  • And SO much more! Learn more here.
2020 I Want it All! Sign Me up for Level 1+2!

What People Are Saying

"Absolutely mind-blowing"


"Breath of Bliss is indescribable"


"THE MOST TRANSFORMATIVE TRAINING I’VE EVER TAKEN! If you really want to shift your entire being on a frequency level into the New Earth Paradigm this is for you. Orgasmic Bliss Guaranteed. Thank you Angel Goddess Christabel! "


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so much lighter and brighter, with incredible clarity and constant visions and insight on what is to follow! I feel so much love and gratitude for the whole team. Most definitely would recommend this to anyone committed to love."


"Absolutely beyond words. The most beautiful experience of my life. Christabel's vulnerability, radical authenticity, beauty, and compassion created a safety for us all to express our deepest truths."

Marketing Expert