A psychedelic breath journey
to connect to your true nature as BLISS.

What is the I AM BLISS Breathwork Journey?

A Sensuous Breath Journey to Connect with Your Soul.

This breathwork journey is perfect to use anytime, especially when you are stuck in your head, overthinking, overworking, or feeling disconnected. Radically expand your consciousness and create the kingdom of heaven in your own heart with this uplifting adventure. A profound, sensational journey of self-realization, inviting your soul to realize itself in oneness with everything. I AM BLISS is the crown jewel of all our breath audio journeys!

Welcome to Wonderland

Let every breath be a prayer as you connect to lifetimes, galaxies and the nature of bliss itself. Sweetness and beauty abound in this uplifting, nourishing journey. A gentle to moderate pace of sustainable, organic, rhythmic breath with gorgeous music by DJ Raio, rhythmic medicine music by Argentinian artists Lulacruza and Chancha Via Circuito, and Amazonian psychoacoustic electronic dance music by Ben Temple Step, including sound clips from live ceremonies in Peru. Perfect for first timers and experienced breathers.

Featuring Breath of Bliss Brain Boosting Technology 

The MOST advanced, revolutionary guided breathwork audio that exists! An experimental psychoactive soundscape. Designed to induce positive brain states, increase coherence and nervous system resilience. Includes interwoven transformational music, binaural frequencies, singing and positive  affirmations. Designed to jumpstart creativity, stimulate leading-edge breakthroughs, and increase peak performance. Over the ear, stereo headphones recommended for maximum effect. 

Remember the Vastness of Your Soul

At the center of this journey is the idea that breath is plant medicine, the exhalations of the trees. When you breathe deep, you can connect with all of life and the living, breathing consciousness of the Earth and all universes, gaining access to infinite awareness. Breathe to become more aware of your ever-present, eternal soul. Let life breathe you. Merge into Oneness...

Build Your Bliss Body

This magic carpet ride of breath will carry you to enchanted realms and the shimmering realms of Truth. A powerful tool to instantly change your state and re-align to your divine mission. Remember! You're an angel here on Earth to share your love with humanity.

What Experts Are Saying

"A 1000 years of wisdom."

“This is next level, off all the charts! Listening to this was one of the most profound moments in my life. I’m having lightgasms! One of the greatest tools for spiritual awakening I’ve ever experienced. There were so many playful elements, it keeps surprising me! I’ve never heard a breathwork like this. It's like a thousands years of wisdom. A divine masterpiece of love!" - Anna Maria Magdalena, Founder Earth Priestess Facilitator Training, Medicine Woman

"Blowing me open."

"I have to share this with my crew. It's blowing me open! This meditation is ecstasy and bliss inducing with amazing music. I've popped it on when I've felt tense and contracted and it's done wonders for me. So healing. I encourage you to try this journey. We all deserve to find simple and effective ways to cope with stress. I can vouch for its potency." - Glovindria Singh, Designer/Yoga Teacher

"So much divine beauty."

"Wildly amazing production quality! As a musician who records, I know what it takes to create something of this caliber and I’m blown away by the perfection of how this was put together. There is so much divine Beauty and Joy transmitted through the music and the words and your voice. It really delivers on the bliss and nervous system regulation! Thank you for all it must have taken to create this beautiful work of art." - Tara DivinaVedic Astrologer & Shamanic Musician

"If Rumi were alive today he may have created this..."

"Christabel has created a masterpiece.  This has an incredibly rich tapestry of sounds, music, words, prayers, poetry, guides, angels and spirits of plant medicines. You can use this journey to open and bring healing to your body, release stuck energy and emotions, and rise higher into who you really are.
I experienced a deep Soul Retrieval I had been waiting years for, as well as a wonderful expansion of consciousness and clarity.
It’s time to truly blossom open to who we really are and why we are here. This journey can help you to do that! 
If Rumi were alive today he may have created this Breathwork Journey!"
-- Ashanna Solaris, Co-Founder Clarity Breathwork


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