Be the Lighthouse

blissful lifestyle Jan 22, 2019

If you're a sensitive lightworker who experiences fear when traveling to a new, wild or "different" place, try visualizing yourself as a lighthouse. Use breath and imagination to create a feeling of safety. Let your breath remind you who you are and why you're here.

Be like the lighthouse.
Shining bright atop the hill.
A beacon of hope.
Self Illuminate so others can guide themselves home.

Be like a lighthouse. The lighthouse shines for everyone. It doesn’t just shine for some people. It doesn’t label, discriminate, criticize or create hierarchies. It's impartial. A lighthouse circulates light in all directions equally. In the light and in the dark, a lighthouse shines. It shines for all seeking the light and all those who do not. It's impervious to commentary, critique and opinions. It just shines. 

Be like a lighthouse. It doesn't go chasing after people it wants to save. It isn't trying to be a hero. It just shines.

Be like a lighthouse. The lighthouse doesn’t avoid darkness - it's created specifically to illuminate it! The whole purpose of the lighthouse is to radiate. To be a source of inspiration, to give hope and a sense of direction when all seems lost. A lighthouse assists people in safe travel. Its soul mission is to be ON. Their prismatic mirrors are blinding in intensity.

Be like a lighthouse. A lighthouse ensures life over death in urgent conditions of the unknown. They are often located in wild, intense places. To do this it must have strong foundations to withstand unpredictable weather and storms. It must be tall and clearly visible.

Be the lighthouse. Be a diamond white light, a golden shining presence, a way home.

Have faith. There may be moments in your life that Spirit guides you to do something or go somewhere that feels uncomfortable. There may be times when you're afraid. There may be times of confusion and the unknown.

Remember...being a lightworker means CHOOSING to be in situations that stretch who you think you are. Use breath and vision to connect with your higher self and remember the truth.

You're on a sacred mission. Take courage. Be bold. Follow your heart's guidance, even if your mind rebels. Trust that the Divine has a plan that's much bigger and better than yours. If only you'll take a leap of faith...