Nourish yourself deeply so you can channel grace 🤩

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2022

Aloha My Friend,

This weekend I took 24 hours off to completely realign my nervous system, and I invite you to do the same!

Slowing down is such an important act of self-care and self-love.

If you are serving large numbers of people you must take the time to nourish yourself! Create A Sacred Reset. 

If you're a mystic, a creative, someone who facilitates states of grace and miracles, we absolutely must create time...

Time to let go of density, distortion, and overthinking so we can purify our consciousness and come back to a clear intention.

Are you craving a sacred space of support while you realign and get clear?

I'm here to help!

A loving community of Divine feminine leaders is gathering this week to get clear about our gifts so we can each serve at a higher level.

Yes, you deserve to be nourished AND to live the life of your dreams.

Join me tomorrow for the first day of our 5-day High Frequency Activation! 

5 Steps to Create Your Signature Program


10am Pacific daily


Every day there will be a bonus hour of hot seat coaching! Plus daily psychedelic prizes!

Yes, this is for YOU! Werther you have created programs already or you've been waiting until "one day when" you feel ready. Wether you know your sacred gifts or have no idea what they are. Wether you feel like an expert or an imposter, join us!

The teachings build progressively over the 5 day High Frequency Activation. Join for the whole journey!

Can't wait to play with you and share everything I know!

With love,