Breathing Wonderland

breathwork stories Jun 24, 2018

My friends, I want to share a glimpse into my mornings here in Thailand! Honestly, it feels like a mind-blowing breathwork! You may know the kind… when you sit in stunned silence afterwards, tears rolling down your face, feeling every tender breath like a precious gift from God. This kind of bliss is impossible to put into words. But this is my first attempt, a love letter from my heart to yours.

Welcome to wonderland.

I’m typing on my metallic golden pink MacBook, wearing a loose breezy, peach colored kaftan, on the porch of my wooden mermaid hut. The gentle murmur of waves whoosh in the distance, massaging my ears with rhythm. I look up, lifting my massive canvas broad-rim sunhat. The intensely bright light makes me squint.  

My cabin is suspended high above absolutely transparent water. Shimmering turquoise wraps around me in 180 degree view, with powdery white sand, amber colored rocks and tangled algae. Sometimes a spray of flying fish launch out over the wave in little silver arcs, reflecting even more light as they soar. In the distance, small hilly, bright green marine park islands rise out of the water, looking like the curved backs of giant turtles.  

Let’s bask in the golden hour…

I rise between 3-4am each morning and begin my sacred writing practice on my porch, in complete darkness. I’ve created my own ceremony, transforming my computer into an altar. It sits on a rainbow colored medicine cloth I got while on pilgrimage to a small island called Amantani with many Incan temples, located on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. On the right side of my computer is a giant Lemurian quartz crystal the size of my fist, and on the left is my Peruvian medicine pouch filled with my kuyas - rocks from sacred mountains. I’ve got some Aura Soma quintessences lined up, images of my favorite angels, a flicking candle and a bowl of sage with glowing bits, sending up curls of smoke in the candle light. Beginning each day with this quiet ritual grounds me. 

While writing, I look up now and then to drink in the colors as the sky goes from from dark blue, to purple, then to luminescent rose hues. Dreamy pinks and purples are my favorite! The colors are medicine, softening me. 

Breathe in the shimmer.

Once the sky goes pink and purple I get up from my desk. This is a special time for my favorite practice, breathing in particles of grace. The sea holds the sweet medicine of Aphrodite — feeling lighthearted, fresh and inviting. I walk to the edges to my porch and inhale through my eyes and skin as much as my mouth and nose, welcoming the fragile, tender beauty. I fill up with a great shimmering…. the life force energy in the water, itself. I envision phosphorescence rising up and out of the liquid platinum and into my nose and mouth, down into my lungs. As I exhale, I see those particles of grace passing through thin membranes, zipping through webs of blood vessels, filling my whole body up with light. I can’t help but feel giddy pleasure, filling up with pure, salty air. Sometimes I laugh out loud! 

Fantasy island.

Welcome to my enchanted sanctuary, the dreamtime of Koh Phangan. We are a tiny speck out in the middle of nowhere off the coast of Thailand. You can scooter from anywhere on the island to the beach in 15 minutes or less. As you can guess by now, my deepest love here is the sparkling water. My heart is so happy, slurping up this crystalline treasure.  

For years I had mystical dreams about living on a magical water planet with endless light blue, warm tropical waters, white sandy islands and palm trees. The sky was pink and purple and there were many moons and the water had dolphins and other enchanted beings. It was a world filled with radiance and light and an endless feeling of paradise. In my dreams, there were waterfall grottos with giant pink rose quartz crystals embedded in glowing gardens and I lived in a house of rainbows and diamonds.  

You can imagine my delight when I landed here.  And yes there's even lots of rainbows and rose quartz! Though I haven’t found massive glowing crystals yet, there actually ARE small natural pieces of of rose quartz embedded everywhere in the dirt. And the truth is, blinding diamond light flashes off the ocean waves every single day.  

What about you?

So… that’s a little peek into my reality! I’ll share more soon. For now, remember that no matter where you are, you can create sacred ceremonies out of things that would otherwise be ordinary. Bring your ceremonies out onto the land and into waters! Spend time gazing upon Mother Earth, breathing with Her, drinking in the shimmering energies. Let your intuition guide you to create a very personal  breathwork practice with the elements and what happens next... 

Sending lots of love from my paradise to yours,