Breathing Beyond the Mundane Into Miracles

breathwork stories Jul 05, 2018

Last night I shared a Breath of Bliss ceremony at Raw Power Yoga in Brisbane for a group of 16 urban yogis. There was a deep maturity, openness and presence in this group of voyagers and it was such an honor to be with them. 

While our official theme was “Feel More Ecstasy”, it felt as if the collective focus became, “Beyond”. This word came up several times in the evening and each time I heard it spoken, I felt resonance in my gut.  

The dictionary defines “beyond" as, “more than”, “at the furthest side of”, “too much for someone to understand” and  “at a point where something could not be”. And indeed this mysterious word, “beyond”, is really one of the reasons I love breathwork most. 

Breathwork can take you beyond the mind. 

Breathwork can transport you beyond this lifetime. 

Breathwork can open your heart beyond me to we. 

Breathwork can carry you beyond, into pure Divinity. 

We are all pilgrims during breathwork ceremonies. We take breaths like footsteps on a journey to a sacred place. As we breathe, we travel to holy lands inside every cell, every heartbeat and way out into the vast unknown. Air becomes a shrine and every breath, a prayer. 

Breathwork can make you into a mystic. It can lift you out of identification with the mundane world of smartphones, career, interpersonal drama, and the collective human shadow frequencies of suffering, lack, doubt, limitation and not-enoughness... and into the Great Mystery where all is one, holy, and infinite. 

Breathwork and miracles go hand in hand. Every connected breath brings you closer to magical realms where the unexplainable resides, where impossibilities live and against all odds, love prevails. 

Breath brings you to wonderland. In these supernatural realms of enchantment, angels can talk to you and hold your hand, ancestors can chime in and you can receive pure knowingness from previously invisible realms.

This where we all came from. This is where are all heading back to. Yet we speak of it the least. Breathwork opens the secret doorway…beyond. 

Im so grateful to Simon who hosted us at his gorgeous studio, to Sam Pemberton who graced us with incredible crystal bowl sound healing and high frequency singing, and to Issia Miller who shared an incredible altar with us and lots of hands on healing and support for the group. Both Sam and Issia drove 2 hours each way to support this journey and I’m blown away by their service and deep care. 

* Image from my favorite new oracle deck that is currently carrying me "beyond": The "Work Your Light Oracle Deck" by Rebecca Campbell, with art by Danielle Noel. Enjoy!