Becoming a Shakti Goddess

breathwork stories Jul 01, 2018

I’m here in Bali! Oh She is so beautiful, so lush! There is a deep and powerful prayer field here, in the ancient Grandmother Land where I enjoyed 6 life-changing years. I’m zipping through Ubud at the moment to record the latest guided breathwork journey, I AM LIGHT,  and just an amazing spent the day at Naya Retreat Center with the Shakti Goddess Retreat, an event created by Noelani Love from Hawaii.  

A Transmission of Light

I facilitated Breath of Bliss and participated in this retreat in 2016 and it was a powerful moment for me. Back then, I was reading Rebecca Campbell’s book, “Light is the New Black”. The combination of fresh, giggling, spritely, mostly Hawaiian attendees and Rebecca’s book which encouraged claiming your path as a lightworker in service of humanity, made a big impact on me.  

While I adored Ubud, much of it's spiritual scene had certain a weight of seriousness and intensity. But here was this group of Hawaiian babes, galavanting around like a team of fairies, lighthearted, doing booty shaking Shakti yoga, singing along with Noe’s joyful ukulele Hawaiian and Sanskrit mantras, parading around handmade exotic flower crowns, tiny Brazilian bikinis, breaking the retreat center rules to swim naked in the pool, and doing morning watercolor painting, affirmations and journaling. We would all squeal with delight like little girls when Noe would take out her, “magic box” of jewelry creations, adorning ourselves until we were dripping with crystal and gemstone gold necklaces and earrings. The emphasis on beauty, fun, playfulness and rest was deeply healing and just the medicine I needed. It reminded me of all the years I went to Kauai and led my own Mermaid Retreats, full of so much magic. 

Well, when I popped into Naya yesterday, I got a similar transmission. Ironically, two years later, I'm now in the Rebecca’s online course, "Work Your Light". I’ve been inspired by her work to step into the next level of authenticity and confidence as a woman on a mission of light. It’s also given me clarity that Breath of Bliss as a business that specifically serving mystics, visionaries and dreamers. This course has also inspired me to spend at least 4 hours per day creating what only I can.  Now... here I am, back where the lightworking liberation began.  I’ve come full circle… and joined another band of aloha loving nymphs. 

Entering a Field of Permission

When I walked in to begin guiding the breath ceremony, there was so much permission in the space. It was like sweet feminine medicine for me to keep unbridling myself so I could say the things I really wanted to say. Here’s the truth:  I’ve been leading breathworks for many, many years and training teachers for 6, and honestly yes, there are still levels of self-censorship that I have found myself doing! In this way, holding space is as healing for me as it is for participants, always nudging me to shed layers of self-doubt, the urge to conform for approval, and fear of “what people will think”. 

The Empowerments of a Shakti Goddess

As we sat in circle, I began with a teaching on what being a Shakti Goddess meant to me and summarized it into three points.  

  1. A woman with a deep, intimate relationship with life force energy, Mother Earth and the Father Sky. A Shakti Goddess is a woman who self-sources life force energy with breath, movement and sound by physically being barefoot on land or in water and doing practices to become a pillar of light between heaven and Earth, circulating energy through her organs, spine and intro her heart, up and down from Earth to Sky and back again, breathing through her whole body instead of just her mouth, using her imagination and breath to move energy through feet, yoni, breasts and more. A Shakti Goddess gains deep intimacy with the shimmering of mana, prana, chi - learning where it resides, how it moves and how consciously circulate it to boost radiance, resilience and to accelerate spiritual awakening.
  2. A woman who cultivates presence and unconditional love in her own heart for the most unloveable, challenging, and disappointing aspects of herself. By taking the time to fully face and feel the most uncomfortable emotions, feelings and thoughts she has, the choices she can’t believe she has made and experiences she wishes she never had, a woman stretches her capacity to give and receive true love. As a woman in service of humanity, this helps her transcend the limiting collective thought forms of scarcity, doubt, lack, limitation, self-hatered, not enoughness, perfectionism and more and expand her capacity to hold space like an ascended master - holding a field of unconditional love, acceptance, empathy and compassion for all beings, embodying her full potential as a divine human - a Goddess - in service love.
  3. A woman in touch with the magic and wonder in her heart and the “unstuck chord” of her childhood innocence. For me, this is the deepest medicine. In a world where we are taught to doubt and question the imagination, sacrifice innocence at such a young age, question dreams as a valid source of knowledge, dismiss enchantment and delight as superpowers and diminish the the value of true radiant beauty —  claiming these all as sacred divine gifts is a revolutionary act. A Shakti Goddess prioritizes her quest to help create heaven on Earth and serve humanity by reawakening the frequency of bliss in the collective field - a collective ecstatic realization in the New Earth tribe of the soul realizing itself in union with everything.

Our Temple Practices

After sharing names and sacred embodiments of sound and movement with our intentions in circle to weave our energies together in a coherent group collective nervous system, we moved outside to get barefoot on Mother Earth. It was there we began bouncing and jouncing, thumping the heels to open the chakras in the feet. We did circular connected breathing while sending awareness deep into the moist, rich, fertile depths of Mother Bali, anchoring our energy deep below the surface into the reservoir of pure, bright shining life force energy.  

Birds sang loudly and sunlight was shining through the bright green jungle leaves while we used our arms, imaginations, breath and pelvic floor contractions in kegels to draw energy up inside our bodies. We circulated this energy into our vital organs, including kidneys, adrenals, bone barrow, and more and let it wash through our hearts. After a while we connected the circuit with the cosmos, lifting energy from Earth to Sky and then breathing the energy back down from sky through the heart, to Earth. In our hearts we let the divine masculine and feminine energies dance together in a cosmic dance of love. After a while we took it back inside the dance studio, pumped up the music and let the breath, movement and sound overtake us. 

Many tears flowed next as we did our heart share practice, “My heart wants me to know that…” Our focus for the day was the heart chakra so this was a perfect match. After many moving shares, deep holding and tender hugs, I reminded the beautiful women present that this is a practice that they could do every day while looking in the mirror while looking in their own eyes, hands on heart, and while taking deep breaths to feel everything arising. Our hearts are sacred oracles that are always wanting to talk to us, to share their wisdom and guidance. 

And then we began the breathwork journey…. The goddesses lay down in a circle of yoga mats around the center flower mandala, shining with flickering candles… 

The music began with gentle rattles and chanting… 

“Grandmothers weaving the rainbow, grandmothers weaving the light

Grandmothers weaving the rainbow, weaving the threads of my life,

Guide me on my spirit journey. Guide me on my spirit journey…"

The breath journey that followed was a deep, powerful and emotional ride with the full spectrum of human emotions - laughter, sadness, anger, orgasmic energy, joy and everything in between. We concluded with time for journaling and creative writing to integrate, ending without words and the promise that the ladies would have the chance to share later in circle. Over lunch and dinner many revealed that they had powerful and life-changing visions, realizations and insights. They were all glowing! 

My Own Process of Transformation

It felt so beautiful to serve this gorgeous group of women, so committed to expansion, awakening and love. Truly, facilitating breathwork ceremonies has been some most magical experiences of my life.  I felt so welcomed by the enthusiastic women there and gave myself permission to channel more esoteric guidance than usual and it felt so good and true.  

Later in the afternoon I got an Akashic Records reading with Inaiya. Honestly I entered a bit skeptical, but was blown away. There was a deep resonance in everything she shared. As she literally named, sometimes word for word, concepts I was going to include in the I AM BLISS breath journey recording, I felt an internal quickening of the luminosity I’d been incubating over the past two months in Mermaidia (the luminous tropical island of Koh Phangan where I’m currently abiding).  Our hour and a half together helped me disperse any static in my emotional and energetic field, helped me recommit to my my purpose in this breathwork audio and deeply validated my mysterious urge to create it. 

Of course any visit to a Shakti Goddess Retreat isn't complete without a dive into Noelani’s Magic Box! I emerged with some earrings and a massive herkamer diamond necklace (literally almost as big as my eyeball). The timing feels perfect with the recording of I AM LIGHT around the corner. Herkemer diamonds are super high frequency, sparkling beings near and dear to my heart for their incredible ability to transmit and exponentially amplify pure, powerful light. The perfect teacher and ally to support creating this amazing breathwork journey!  

Ah… my heart is full. Life is amazing. So much beauty. So much beauty. So much beauty! Feeling deep gratitude for the gift of being able to drop by this beautiful retreat, and having the opportunity to share such sacred offerings of the heart.