Be Shamelessly Luminous


In these times of change, chaos and the unknown, be shamelessly luminous!

You can generate a true state of bliss from your communion with Source.

No one can take your bliss away from you. Bliss is not based on your external conditions - it is a natural frequency of Presence that abides within you when you are attuned to the miracle of life flowing through you and everything around you.

Bliss is a shift of perspective to welcome everything as holy. It is a reverence for the breath as an unbelievable miracle. Bliss arises from fulfilling your soul's mission. It is your birthright!

When you embrace your path so deeply and are so saturated by the field of your I AM PRESENCE, you become luminous!

When you do the practices that generate an overflowing wellspring of effervescent aliveness - like breathwork, ecstatic dance, water fasting, prayers - you SHINE with divine communion.

When you tune into your soul mission, simultaneous, past, future and parallel lifetimes -- reverence arises -- and this leads to unstoppable luminosity.

Be shameless about your LIGHT.

Nothing is wrong with you for being blissful, or happy or at peace when everyone else is so agitated or suffering.

Don't minimise or hide your light to attempt to help others to feel better about their darkness.

Those who are asleep, fearful and in scarcity will always mock those who are radiant.

If you are luminary, lightworker or somatic mystic, we need you to shine your light, now more than ever.

Your effervescent optimism is the medicine is needed to wake up the collective!

BE the light.

Trust that your light is a service, message and teaching.

You are bringing a force of good to Earth.

Keep shining and doing your inner devotional practices of communion. 

You got this!

ps. Stay tuned for a big announcement next week about something I've been working on to support you!