Level 1 and 2 Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training Sept 2-7 & Sept 14-Oct 1, 2019

Your September 2-7, 2019 Level 1 Journey of Love Retreat in Thailand includes:.

  • 6 days of sacred ceremony with Christabel and her team of experts. Commune with air as plant medicine that can help you connect with your heart, higher self, soul and guides.
  • Experience mind-blowing transformation, including 10 powerful Breath of Bliss journeys, ecstatic dance, deep sharing, connection practices, prayer, ritual, journaling, song and sacred reflection.
  • Each day you will immerse self-love practices with a different theme: nervous system, emotions, parents, body, relationships and life. Discover where you withhold love from yourself and learn to care for all of you - the light and the dark - with more tenderness. Uncover unconscious addictions to suffering, victimhood, drama, overwhelm, unworthiness and other viral beliefs while reconnecting with your sovereign divinity.
  • Explore mystery school practices to increase your comfort with discomfort, help you embrace your original innocence, remember your angelic nature, and true nature as bliss.
  • Practice life-changing coaching and inquiry exercises including: Opening to Discovery, Feeling All Your Feelings, Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life, Escape the Drama Triangle, Connect to Your Essence, Identify Your Soul Mission, and more.
  • Explore "A Journey of Love Playbook" of inspirational exercises you can continue to use in your life to deepen what you learn.
  • Get 42 hours towards your 200 hour Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Certification.
  • And much, much more! 
  • Hours are 9am-1pm and 3-6pm daily with delicious, light vegan lunches provided daily. Training location, lodging recommendations and more details provided upon registration.

Your September 14-Oct 1, 2019 The Level 2 Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Training in Thailand Includes:

  • A powerhouse, heart-based breathwork facilitator training with Breath of Bliss founder, Christabel Zamor and her team of tantric and shamanic experts.
  • Expert mentorship to teach you everything you need to facilitate Breath of Bliss ceremonies.
  • Prepare to lead mind-blowing group breathwork workshops 
  • Expand your knowledge of breath as plant medicine, ceremony, space holding, channeling, presence and embodiment.
  • Deepen your own breath, movement and sound practices while learning how to safely and powerfully guide others.
  • Receive templates, teaching experience, and a comprehensive 300 page manual.
  • Get 118 hours towards your 200 hour Certified Breath of Bliss Instructor Certificate.
  • Leave ready to immediately begin facilitating Breath of Bliss!

Level 2 Modules Include:

  • Foundations of Facilitation
  • Air as Plant Medicine and How to Become an Oracle of Breath
  • Expert Workshop Sequencing
  • How to Lead Connection Practices
  • How to Lead Ecstatic Dance
  • How to Lead Heart Shares
  • How to Lead the Breathwork Journey
  • How to Lead Grounding and Integration
  • Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Safe Touch, Emotional Care for Breathers, Working with the Collective Nervous System
  • How to Coach Breathers
  • The Art and Science of Transformational Speaking 
  • How to Create and Share Your Own Unique Dharma Teachings
  • Dynamic Meditations
  • Prayers, Invocations and Centering Practices for Facilitators
  • How to Create and Program Altars and Space
  • How to Work with Your Guides 
  • Breath of Bliss Lifestyle & Presence Practices
  • The Art of Teaching Breath of Bliss Breathwork
  • Sound Engineering and Playlists
  • The Business of Breathwork & Marketing Yourself
  • Ceremonial Space-Holding & Heart-Centered Leadership
  • Bonus Cacao Medicine Making Training and How to Integrate with Breath of Bliss Dance Activations
  • And so, so, so much more!