Solar Eclipse New Moon Portal

ascension Jul 04, 2019

This is a POWERFUL PORTAL of transformation to step into Divine Mother energies and re-mother your inner child to an immaculate place- beyond healed - to reveal the “Pheonix Child”, the Master of Light within.

Its time to move beyond obsession with wounds, non-stop healing and the trauma story and spiritually awaken this little one with impeccable mothering that calls forth and reveals the beauty, infinite creativity, boundless wisdom and unconditional love within!

We have come to serve! Purify and uplevel your self image.

To Mother yourself in this way asks for impeccable self mastery - breathe into your HEART and connect with the boundless unconditional love of Source.

Mother yourself with nurturing (and fierce) self care, devotion to alignment practices, self love, meditation, and FOCUSED breathwork practices, directing awareness towards your HIGHER SELF, communion with your ASCENDED MASTERS, ANGELS and GUIDES.

Let’s grow up our vision of ourselves and finally step forward as the prophetic wayshowers that we came here to be!

YOU are a heart-based leader of the New Earth consciousness.

Step into 100% responsibility and direct your attention towards expressing the gifts, talents and capacities within that you’ve been entrusted with to serve humanity.

This new moon solar eclipse is an amazing time to breathe into infinite timelines, multiverses of possibility and to receive downloads about your own unique message and mission.

Let go of being small. Expand your imagination. Wonder about your divine innocence.

Do breathwork journeys!

Write. Sing. Create beauty. Express yourself. Share your own unique heart medicine.

You are ready NOW and the world is waiting for you to become your own living prayer.

Sober up from any self-sabotaging stories, end the war against yourself and ELEVATE your self-perception.

THANK YOU to the incredible angels imaged here, Sarah, ab, Steven, Nyree, Ashiana and Kristy who worked together to co-create a beautiful space of expansion for the Breath of Bliss Angelic Ceremony at the 2019 Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival, where supported about 60 breathers diving deep into all of these energies! Your presence and generosity is so appreciated... what an honor to share at this beautiful event and to receive these downloads from Spirit to share.