Heavenly Shamanic Cooking for the 2019 International Breathwork Foundation Ceremony!

cacao and breathwork Aug 05, 2019

What goes on behind the scenes of an Ascended Master Cacao Ceremony?

Come into our angelic bubble of singing, play, giggles, fun and prayers while preparing the sacred cacao plant medicine elixir for the 2019 International Breathwork Conference... we turned the whole 4 hours of preparation into a ceremony with tons of purification with palo Santo for every single implement and ingredient, spoke blessings and prayers while chopping up all the delicious Ecuadorian paste blocks into meltable chips, while we co-created a gorgeous altar, added every element to our massive pot, used sound healing bowls, drums, chimes, light language and singing and invited in all the angelic, galactics, ascended masters and the pure LIGHT of SOURCE (and Mary Poppins for fun)!

Cacao and Breath of Bliss are a perfect match! Cacao in an entheogenic plant medicine which naturally releases anandamides, the bliss molecule in our brains, opens the heart, floods the body with warmth and feel good chemicals promoting feelings of connection, closeness and love.

This was by far the BIGGEST Heaven to Earth cacao ceremony I've created... there were 250 participants! Making this much plant medicine was a new experience and we all played our way through it with grace and beauty. What an honor to share these magic moments with Helen, Andrew, Kristy and Carla!

If you're interested in hosting a massive Breath of Bliss Cacao Ecstatic Dance Activation, reach out and let's dream your event into being. Or come to our next Facilitator Training and learn how to create these for yourself!