Meet the "I AM LIGHT" Musical Magician: Elijah Ray!

breathwork audios Jul 08, 2019

My brand new breathwork audio journey, I AM LIGHT, features a rich tapestry of sound, including the incredible music of Elijah Ray and the Band of Light. Elijah is an incredible master musician, student of frequencies, ancient technologies and vocal empowerment. I interviewed him to learn more about the tracks we included in this Breath of Bliss journey so you could learn more about his intention and relationship to the stars. Here are some of the juiciest tidbits he shared...

"My work in the Band of Light is to be a vehicle for the sound that actually creates, informs and reveals the shape of our reality. 

Im here to get more and more out of the way to become the space that's holding the space that's holding the space. What happens when we allow that sound to come through that space? When there's no one standing inside of the hall of mirrors? What if there's emptiness there, and we make sound from that space?

I love the term music of the spheres. This is an ancient term that was referred to as the frequencies or tones that are heard by meditators, by those who have quieted, and emptied themselves. And have gotten to the point where they can really listen beyond the 3D, the day-to-day, the illusions. When everything is silent. When everything gets quiet, you can hear the stars sing. And many devoted their lives to just catching a little glimmer of the songs that the stars are singing into this realm. It’s such a gift and in my prayer is to be able to share little glimpses of that in the sound that I make. Because that's my home. That's where I like to hangout. There's expansive star-kind of space in these frequencies that definitely inform the sound.

I have been in relationship to the stars since I was a child. And by that, I just mean, one of my favorite things to do is; to go out on a summer night, and lay down on the grass, and look up with the stars probably like you, and so many others. There's something so awe-inspiring about our universe. And then this familiarity with something that seems so far away, even the moon, right? The sun and these celestial bodies, they seem so far away. And yet they are part of us, and we inherently know that as children. That we're not separate from the things that we are seeing, and these concepts that we're in a relationship with. We are them, we are the universe. We know this is as children. Then somewhere along the line, we kind of learn that were separate. We’re definitely separate from this and we're separate from each other. But it's one thing that we're doing here. It's a journey of self-discovery and innerstanding, our connection to each other and to life itself.

Look at the stars. Listen to the moon. Connect to the earth. These are really powerful technologies that are inherent to our body, our biotechnology. To be able to connect to the symphony that's happening all around us and listen to the music of that. That music and sound is light and shape. It reinforms and reveals the divine blueprint of we actually are."

What a joy and honor to collaborate with this man! ;) If you haven't breathed with the I AM LIGHT audio yet, check it out!