Your Lunar Eclipse Legacy

ascension Jul 15, 2019

The Capricorn FULL MOON lunar eclipse on July 16/17 is an amazing time to clarify your LEGACY of SERVICE.   


• What will I do to create real-world foundations for my legacy of love?  

• What will I do daily to anchor more light for humanity?  

• How can I serve more people and with greater value?  

• Will I say “yes" to my next steps (even if they scare me)?   

—> Pause, put your arms up in the air and say “yes!” If you are a yes!

We are entering an activated lunar gateway. Use it to re-commit to your path as a WAYSHOWER. Breathwork can support you.   

Wonder: How can I be a powerful role model of service?

Stop wondering if you’re good enough or ready. Breathe beyond the ego’s obsession with keeping you small and seemingly safe and free of criticism. BREATHE BEYOND the human frequencies of scarcity, lack, doubt, not-enoughness, comparison, self-criticism, victimhood, trauma, drama and all the viral mental epidemics that distract from your DIVINITY.

The world needs your light!  

Re-align with who you are, why you’re here and how you can serve. 

Build your MUSCLES OF IMAGINATION. Here are some practices I've been doing almost every day… join me if you’re inspired! Wonder:  

• Can I breathe to illuminate my divine angelic DNA?   

• Can I breathe to harmonize the torus fields of energy within and around my heart?   

• Can I breathe to feel the collective heartgrid of all humanity?  

• Can I breathe to welcome diamond, platinum, crystalline light from the cosmos and circulate it through my body?  

• Can I breathe to infuse light into the entire Gaiasphere?   

• Can I breathe beyond the planet, out into the galaxy, to commune with angelics, galactics, the Central Sun and Source?  

•  How can I serve? Show me.  

Want support as you re-align and uplevel? Consider joining me on the Crystal Island along with an incredible team I've lined up to support you in the next Level 1 Self Love Journey Breathwork Intensive and Level 2 Group Facilitator Training.  

I’m thrilled to share that our Lemurian training has the largest number of men ever for a closer gender balance in both facilitators and attendees. I’ll be sharing tons of new material around lightweaving and co-creating with Ascended Masters. We also have incredible Sonic Alchemy Crystal Bowl Healing and Training + Goddess Medicine Drum Songs with Amma Sophia Rose, plus virtual contributions by ascension guide, Sandra Walter... and more surprises to come!   

Come feel it all, activate, and be inspired to take action to share your love with the world.