Connect to the Crystalline Grid with Breath

ascension Jul 23, 2019
I’ve been breathing beyond my little me lately, beyond my thoughts, emotions, stories and micro dramas... out to something so much bigger and more vast... the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. ✨
More and more I’m remembering that service starts by being in reverence and devotion to something much larger. πŸ™
I know that evolution begins within ... and yet after several decades of emotional navel gazing and process work I’ve come to question the incessant obsession with personal growth that seems to have hypnotized myself, the breathwork community and so many I know ... directing us towards a sort of neverending self-healing inertia instead of ACTION based SERVICE for the evolution of our species.
—-> This may not be for everyone. Some people have never allowed themselves to even acknowledge or feel feelings all the way through or to metabolize painful memories or own their own voices. But once we have gone within and passed through this initial gateway to remember the wholeness already within... there is a whole world waiting for our careπŸ’•
The cool thing about service is that when you give to someone or something beyond you, you can soften your mind and all it’s incessant self doubts. When you’re giving from your heart, it’s the giving itself that‘s the gift to you. Your focus can relax into a prayer and suddenly serving becomes your source of beauty and joy πŸ¦‹
So I’m actively parenting my emotions and thoughts and breathing to gain clarity on how to serve bigger things... the water, the air, those around me, the illumination of my own DNA, the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, the evolution of our species, and LIGHT itself as a divine cosmic expression of the love, beauty and innocence that we all are! It’s time for a new approach to breathwork, and I’m so excited to be evolving Breath of Bliss as an angelic ceremonial experience to serve a global awakening to love.
Who’s with me?