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Uncategorized Mar 01, 2020

Starlight Festival

Bangalow A&I Hall  |  Thursday–Sunday  |  $25 one day pass, Four day pass $60. Locals two-for-one days on 2 & 3 January.

Christabel Zamor is an expert educator and a pioneer in ecstatic breath and movement. She has been leading teacher trainings in various modalities for over 20 years, is the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, and has led breathwork groups with up to 500 people. She is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute and has Hendricks Institute coach training in Conscious Loving. She holds two master’s degrees: one in Depth Psychology and Mythology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, and a second in Anthropology from the University of California. She is also a Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador of the Heart Math Institute. Christabel has studied with and received initiations by shamans in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She also has Earth Priestess Mastery Training to facilitate Shakti Embodiment and Tantrika Arts. She has integrated all of these teachings into Breath of Bliss.

What is ecstatic breath?

Breath of Bliss is an angelic ceremonial breathwork practice where we do movement, heart shares and an hour-long guided breathwork practice with music, connecting the inhale and exhale without pauses through an open mouth. When we connect the breath in this way for sustained periods of time it can release dimethyltryptamine from the pineal and pituitary glands, leading to ecstatic states of expanded consciousness. These states can include deep emotional feeling and release, remembering memories from this or past lives, downloading creative visions, experiencing an all-pervading sense of oneness and communion with angels, non-physical guides and the Divine.

How does the regular practice transform someone’s wellbeing?

I did a brain mapping study of Breath of Bliss at Zen Brain in Ubud, where we tested the impact on three subjects of 10 consecutive days using my I Am Passion downloadable guided breathwork journey. Here is the science of what was found – over the 10 days there was a significant reduction in symptoms of: chronic fatigue, anxiousness, worry, depression and low libido. And an increase in: happiness and joy, ecstasy, emotional openness, connection to source, creativity, inner child healing, pleasure, flow states, heart opening and deeper sleep.

How have you seen it change someones’s life? Or even your own life?

I’ve seen people transform from being insecure with low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, to being confident, self-loving and focused on showing up to serve others (instead of chronically self-attacking).

I’ve seen standoffish skeptics brought to sobbing tears of vulnerability and deep presence.

I’ve seen emotionally disconnected, type-A, guarded and judgemental participants melt into soft openness, gentle smiles and open heartedness.

I’ve seen those suffering from all the stories their mind is weaving about them literally wake up out of the trance of thinking and drop deep into their hearts.

I have seen atheists become believers in angels, spirit guides and the Creator.

In my own life, breathwork has helped me wake up from chronic self-abandonment and staying in a marriage which no longer had any shared values, to feeling more love than I ever imagined possible and liberating myself to create the life of my dreams, living on exotic tropical islands.

What is the deep foundation of your work?

The foundational philosophy of Breath of Bliss is that you are an angel on Earth here to share your love with humanity. You are a divine sovereign being. You are good, you are pure and you are free. Breath is plant medicine that can help you remember that.

How have your early studies of anthropology informed your work?

Traveling the world to study mystical wisdom traditions helped me step away from academia actually, and helped me realise I could self-source the spiritual insights I had been seeking from outside me – through the body.

Tell me about HoopGirl?

For 12 years I was obsessed with an extreme sport called hoopdance. I created something of an empire selling over 10,00 handmade hoops, producing five instructional DVDs, publishing a mass media book, performing all over the world and training performers and over 700 teachers in my own three part training curriculum. My passion for ecstatic dance and embodiment lives on in Breath of Bliss in the ecstatic dance portion of each ceremony.

What are you doing at Starlight?

I’m thrilled to be sharing two Breath of Bliss angelic ceremonies at Starlight on January 4 and 5 where we will dive deep into activating our angelic DNA with connected breath, movement and sound. Every ceremony is different – and in these two I will be supporting participants in anchoring a vision of how they can become bridges between heaven and Earth in 2020.

For those who can’t attend Starlight, you can download my guided psychedelic breath journeys I Am Passion (recorded live at Byron Spirit Festival), I Am Love (recorded in Byron Bay), and I Am Light or I Am Bliss (both recorded in Bali).

Christabel is just one of the presenters you can catch at the Starlight Festival of Healing at the Bangalow A&I Hall Thursday–Sunday. Tickets at the door or online from