Breathe in the Diamond Light of Your Higher Self


💕 Want a quick way to realign?

💕 Love cosmic communion? 

💕 Ready to be luminous?

You can actually breathe in diamond light!

Just open your imagination...

Here's a video to inspire you uplevel your soulful self care by bathing in diamond light. Watch it now and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the latest goodies!

Envision holy light all around you - opalescent, iridescent, platinum, rainbow glowing energy all around you.

Breathe deep. Imagine the crystalline light of your Higher Self saturating you.

The light invites all your cells into alignment. See the light illuminating your DNA on a subatomic level. All the electrons light up like doorways into other universes.

As you breathe, imagine you can feel realignments happening.

Feel activating the 90% dormant part of your brain!

Breathe and imagine that you are activating your superhuman abilities to know across space and time, to tap into the collective field of all of humanity, and to attune to the teachings of enlightened beings who surround you at all times.


You. Are. Light.


Keep shining, sharing and leading the way. 

Thank you!

Sending soothing tropical paradise vibes to you from Hawaii,


🐬☀️🌈💦 🌴🐳🌸

ps. Stay tuned for a big announcement on Monday about something I've been creating for you!