Breath of Bliss Ascension: Explore Air as Plant Medicine to Realize Your Sovereign Divinity

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2022

Aloha Angels,

It has been an incredible honor to be invited as a guest speaker for this year's 2022 Breathwork Summit. I discussed some of my breathwork journey and how I became a Somatic Oracle.

You'd be surprised when I say that I never planned Breath of Bliss to happen. When I attended a light activation course many moons ago, that's when I understood, I felt, and let go of the numbness that was within me. It was like waking up to a new version of yourself that you never knew existed! That was the light bulb moment--my first step into creating what I have today.

Bliss Academy is a mystery school, it is surrendering into the unknown. When guiding a breathwork ceremony, you are entering into a space where control doesn't exist. You surrender yourself into higher forms of being, you align with the presence of space, connecting with heaven and earth, and just letting go of the fear. Each training and ceremony is different. You never know what to expect.

I call air plant medicine. It is the exhalation of trees. As living beings, we breathe in these exhalations from Earth. Breathwork is a field of aliveness. A simple inhale and exhale can make a lot of difference. It helps us let go of our fears and worries, while giving our mind the clarity it needs to pause, and relax. 

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved being a part of it!

Warm Hugs,



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