Ascended Master Cacao Ecstatic Dance Ceremony at the International Breathwork Foundation Conference

cacao and breathwork Aug 12, 2019
ASCENDED MASTER CACAO Breath of Bliss Ecstatic Dance. 🔥 I offered  this ceremony the International Breathwork Foundation Conference for all 250 participants alongside my incredible facilitator program graduates, Carla, Andrew, Kristy and Helen. We also had the honor of having Dana Delong from Clarity Breathwork, one of my original mentors, jump in to co-lead!
I wondered how something so esoteric would be received by a traditional organization and was BLOWN AWAY by the openness, receptivity, enthusiasm and joy that arose.
The evening began with a directional circle invocation to White Buffalo Woman, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin and our higher selves. I invited specific support in from each ascended master in terms of how they could support each of us in facilitating breathwork and supporting our students, and we programmed the plant medicine with breath prayers in each direction.
Next came the Ecstatic Dance where I passed the mic around with team BLISS for a lightly guided candlelit journey that focused on the sacred BREATH.
I call this Heaven to Earth Cacao because we start in the galactic, multiversal realms and ground it in with rootsy, sensual, earthy music ... with a build to some crazy ethnotribal house!
So amazing to see the whole crew grooving, moving, sweating, praying, and getting DOWN. Some stayed by the altar the whole time and simply did connected breathing, running their hands along flower petals and statuary seemingly in trance.
It was SO fulfilling to see Breath of Bliss graduates rise up and take the mic, for some this was the biggest group they ever led.
Afterwards I actually had people approach me with tears in their eyes saying they had never experienced anything like it.
More on the 4 hour ceremony our team had to make the medicine soon! These snaps are the opening invocation and savasana... the dance was too multidimensional to capture.
If this fascinates you consider joining us for the Breath of Bliss facilitator training in Thailand this September where you’ll learn to lead this kind of angelic breathwork along with cacao medicine and ecstatic dance.