Planetary Synchronised Breath of Bliss Ceremonies

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2018

Create world peace in 2 hours!

Join the first Planetary Synchronised Breath of Bliss breathe-a-thon happening simultaneously in 14 cities around the globe on Saturday, January 20! 

Bring friends, family, neighbours and strangers you find along the way. Inspire real connection inside yourself and within your community. Wipe out numbness, anxiety and stress while you enjoy practices to help you feel more open, present and loving.

100% of the profit will be donated to local charities! Help those in need by giving more than the suggested donation if you can. No one turned away for lack of funds, so join us no matter what!

All our Breath of Bliss Facilitators are Global Coherence Initiative Ambassadors of the Heart Math Institute (CMI). CMI has done scientific research showing that when groups of people come together with a shared intention, a more coherent energy wave is created and amplified in the global field environment.

Doing synchronised Breath of Bliss ceremonies in cities around the world literally helps to lift individual and collective consciousness! We are literally creating a grid of LOVE. 

This will be a quarterly event so if you are unable to make this one, stay tuned for next event in 3 months. 

With love