Overcome Self Doubt Now!


You ever have one of those, "I can't believe this is happening!" days?

I woke at 4am this morning to prep for broadcasting Day 1 of the, "5 Steps to Create Your Signature Program" and my eye was almost swollen shut.

Imagine how you would feel.... weeks preparing for your big event, and a giant swollen eye... 😮😩😣

The timeless self doubt arose, "what will people think?". Then, "how will they trust me if I look bad?" 

After a few moments of self pity, wallowing in doubts about how I could get through this at my best... I decided to apply the very same techniques I was to teach about today - how to overcome self doubt! 

The result?

Our gathering was authentic, heart opening and real. 💗

Zoom "face smother" concealed the swelling, I focused on giving and serving instead of my own face, and it was a gorgeous and empowering transmission!

This is the kind of miracle that arises when you decide to show up, "no matter what". YOU can make this decision as well and start creating your signature course right NOW - by cultivating an unstoppable commitment to serve.

In today's session we focused on building solid foundations of confidence for your spiritual signature course design by inviting you to fully face, feel and love any self doubts.

Having reliable methods to align when you have debilitating doubts is a primary skill you need to create your course!

You can still join us and access the replay to learn 3 powerful practices that can help you pivot when your mind is spiraling in fear... 

CLICK HERE to join our 5 Day High Frequency Activation, get today's replay, and begin transmuting fear into love.

Want to hear more from behind the scenes? Check out this video I made right after broadcasting!

Much love,