$1,699.00 USD


I understand that a balanced nervous system and resilience is necessary to attend the Level 1 intensive. To continue to the Level 2 to become a Breath of Bliss facilitator, I will also need presence, emotional awareness and the ability to authentically connect to myself and others.

I agree to discuss any health concerns with my doctor prior to registration.

I commit to being drama-free in our community and am open to reflections about any triggers, projections or codependent tendencies that may arise.


I understand that payments are an expression of my 100% commitment to the full flourishing of my leadership potential and are non-refundable. If you can no longer attend, I have the option to rollover my attendance to the following year or to gift my spot or payment credit to someone else. In the case of Acts of God (natural disasters), acts of government (such as war, travel bans, etc.) or illness, which prevent me from reaching the event or Breath of Bliss from hosting, my enrollment credit rolls over to the next training date and location of my choice.


I agree to honour the logistics required for my attendance and understand that all documents need to be returned before I begin Level 1. This includes fully reviewing all parts of the Welcome Portal, signing a media release form,  booking a free 15-30min interview with Christabel and filling out my interview intake form.

I know that if I need any support, I can email [email protected] at any time.


I understand that my registration fee includes support materials and recommendations that will be in the Level 1 Self Love Journey Breathwork Intensive Online Portal.


I understand that Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2. Level 1 is for personal transformation and does not prepare or authorize me to lead Breath of Bliss events, which only graduates of Level 2 are permitted to share. 

I also understand that if I demonstrate qualities in my interview or in Level 1 that indicate I haven't yet reached a foundational level of embodied presence, to self regulate my nervous system, to sustain easeful eye contact, to speak from my somatic experience in the moment and to receive feedback with openness and curiosity that I may not be able to proceed into Level 2 at this time.

I understand that to meet Level 2 certification requirements, I need to attend all event LIVE online training hours and complete additional breathwork and teaching hours. If I miss event LIVE training hours , they can be made up at a fee of $399p/h to work with Christabel or $150p/h to train with one of her lead facilitators.


By entering your info you are agreeing to receive high-vibe, lightcode transmissions from Christabel ✨ We honour your privacy, will never share your info and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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Level 1 Self Love Intensive Online (2021)

Registration is an expression of your 100% "YES" to attend this event and deepen self-love. This payment is not refundable.