$999.00 USD

This is a non-refundable single payment of $999 for 6 45-minute 1:1 laser coaching sessions with Christabel.

Coach Christabel cannot guarantee the results of these sessions as that is entirely dependent on the actions and choices of the coachee.

Any sessions that are not used within the 6-week coaching container are lost.

I agree to be responsible for my coaching sessions and I can't wait to get started!

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SPRING INTO ACTION High Vibe Coaching Special

  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Need strategic support?
  • Ready to get help with next steps?

I understand how challenging it can be to navigate life's twists and turns alone! That's why I'm here to offer you a support system – an extremely discounted 6-session SPRING INTO ACTION Coaching Package, a personalized ONE-ON-ONE container to specifically crafted to address your unique needs.

I’m here on your side, ready to be your weekly source of hope, empowerment and motivation! I'll help you get clear and take strategic action to create a brighter, more fulfilling future.

You are a powerful being and you CAN make changes in your life!

I’m here to help.

Here's how we can work together to transform your life:

  • Overwhelmed by Uncertainty? Let's soothe your nervous system and create a foundational level of safety, security and stability.
  • Procrastinating on What Matters Most? Let’s help you clarify what needs immediate attention so you can move the needle and accelerate your success.
  • Feel Defeated by Setbacks? Let’s build and resilience so you can bounce back stronger. We can brainstorm new approaches, create achievable goals and accountability.
  • Feeling Stuck in Your Business? Let's create a plan! We can supercharge your copy, marketing, launch, or program.
  • Struggling with Health and Vitality? Let’s optimize your health through youthening techniques, explore the benefits of water fasting, and dive into biohacking strategies for enhanced well-being and longevity.

You were born on purpose. You are here for great things. You don't have to do this alone.

Enjoy 6 weeks of sensitive loving care, with expert support and a personalized roadmap for your success.

>>The package includes SIX 45-minute 1-1 laser coaching calls! This can be enjoyed as weekly or bi-weekly support.

3 Ways to Sign Up Now!

  • $999 One Time Single Payment or
  • 2 Monthly Payments $549, or
  • 6 Weekly Payments of $199

Save over $1000!

NOTE: This is a one-time limited offer available to only 6 clients at this extremely discounted rate, first come first serve.

See you on the inside!

Love, Christabel