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I am engaging Christabel Garcia-Zamor, Certified High Performance Coach, to provide group coaching to me in the context of 12 online meetings taking place on Wednesdays from 1pm-2:30pm Pacific. 

The “Leadership Mastery” training includes 12 sessions of High Performance Coaching, based on the proven system of The High Performance Coaching Institute.


DISCLAIMER: This is not program design mentorship. This is a self-mastery coaching container to invite you into high performance daily habits and strategic living to exponentially increase your performance in all areas of your life. Each session will provoke deep self inquiry, opportunities to clarify how to to optimize your mindsets, habits and actions so you can create an extraordinary life.

NOT THERAPY: I understand that “Leadership Mastery” is a group coaching program and it is not, nor does it replace, therapy, professional medical advice, nutritional therapy services, psychoanalysis, tax consultation, or legal services. Christabel cannot provide any diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure for any condition - physical, mental or otherwise. 

COACHABLE: I authorize Christabel to coach me so I can step into my highest potential. I understand that coaching results are not guaranteed and differ for each person based on personal motivation, commitment, consistency and willingness to take courageous, bold action and stay accountable. I agree to be coachable and take 100% responsibility to create the results I seek. 


  • 12 LIVE 1.5-hour live group high performance coaching calls with Christabel + replays
  • 12 High Performance Coaching Blueprints, one for each week, inviting you to clarity and consistent bold action.

* Live attendance is encouraged but not required. Replays provided within 24 hours after broadcasts


ACCESS: For each of the first 12 weeks of the Leadership Mastery, a new accountability blueprint is opened. You can download the weekly blueprints to keep and use forever. Video replays are not downloadable and are available to view for 1 year from registration date.

COMMUNICATION: I agree to speak and behave like a conscious leader, while also holding all personal shares by others in the program confidential.

YOUR COMMITMENT: I agree to play full out and take 100% responsibility to create the success I seek. I will create my own success with my full participation and willingness to stay in, a “Growth Mindset”, and do the weekly assignments. I will do my best to maintain a regulated nervous system. I am committed to reaching my highest potential as a transformational leader!

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: I agree not to share, sell or otherwise distribute my course materials to anyone. I will not rebrand this material nor re-teach or market this material. 

DISCLAIMER: I authorize all group coaching sessions to be recorded for training and educational purposes. I understand that my likeness will be recorded and viewable on replays if my video is on.

PAYMENTS: No Refunds. One hundred percent (100%) of all payments, fees due and paid under this agreement will be irrevocable, non-refundable, and non-creditable even if you change your mind, withdraw from the program for any reason, don't use the program, don’t finish the program, experience Acts of God, etc. There are no money-back guarantees. If your payment is delinquent, your course access will be paused. Course access will be reactivated upon next payment. There are no refunds or credits for partial months of course access. I will complete all promised payments and am responsible for any remaining balance owed for the entire coaching program regardless of any circumstances that may arise. 

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: Christabel is committed to providing you with the highest level of excellence in coaching so you can rise up as a conscious leader, develop greater self mastery and reach your goals!

By making this purchase, I agree to the above terms. 


High Vibration Leadership Mastery Training

An exclusive high-level container for advanced students who are already sharing transformational teachings, facilitation and coaching. This container is a rare opportunity to dive deep with Christabel in weekly hour-and-a-half elevation sessions!

You will get support to:

  • Raise your vibration
  • Increase your global impact
  • Rise into greatness as a leader

This 3 month training will be your weekly support system. Give yourself the care, support and encouragement you deserve! Surround yourself with high frequency luminaries on a shared path of global service! Weekly channeled teachings, empowerments and coaching provided.

What's Included:

  • 12 1.5 hour Live Group High Performance Coaching Calls with Christabel + Replays
  • Weekly Hot Seat Coaching Opportunities to get personalized support
  • Weekly Breakout Room Accelerators to bond with other luminaries
  • Weekly Accountability Challenges inviting you to consistent bold action
  • LM happens every Wednesday starting May 22-August 7, 2024 1pm-2:30pm Pacific