$40.00 USD

This is a non-refundable live event in Bali, Indonesia but your spot can be transferred to another student of your choosing if for any reason you can't attend.

Please be sure to click this link for safety information.

Because Breath of Bliss breathwork ceremonies can include intensive breathing and movements that could be strenuous, you acknowledge that you have already consulted your doctor and received approval for this activity based on your current health. You take full responsibility to determine what speed and depth of breath and movements are safe and appropriate for your own body, and participate entirely at your own risk

Breath of Bliss breathwork offerings are tools for spiritual and personal growth and are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

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Breath of Bliss Ceremonies in Ubud with Christabel (June Retreat Only)

Come be nourished, luxuriate in the healing energy of air, exploring it as medicine from Mother Earth.

Bliss is your birthright, and together we will gather in a safe and lovng space in angelic ceremonies to support you in connecting with your Divinity.

Friday, June 30 10am-12:30pm LIVE YOUR SOUL PURPOSE. $40

Join me for a unique and intimate Breath of Bliss experience in Dragonfly Village, Ubud, with amazing personalized support. Channel your soul’s wisdom

Breathe deep to experience revelation of your goodness, wholeness, and purity. Receive guidance on your purpose and next steps! Get clarity on yuour purpose and courage to be seen and heard in a bigger way as a luminous leader, a New Earth Pioneer and global visionary. Angelic ceremonies to connect with your Divinity with meditation, heart shares, dance, empowerments, journaling, time channel your wisdom and more!

Lavish yourself in this enture afternoon of self care for your soul so you can get the courage you need to align and shine!

Cost: $40

Space is extremly limited. 20 participants maximum.



What People Are Saying:

OH MY GOODNESS! It was BEAUTIFUL!! I welcomed back all of me - my angel self/selves, my medicine woman selves, the pure innocence of baby me, the ancient wise one in me. So, so powerful. Thank you!

Danielle B., Channel

Everything that I was holding from past lovers moved. Each person became an angel and they showed me what their role was in my life and how they helped me to find more love. Iimmense gratitude came in and then I went to the golden mind of Source. My heart just burst right open!

Amma Sophia R., Medicine Woman

This was ORGASMIC! Physical orgasm. Soul orgasm. Cosmic orgasm. I discovered that I can get mind-blowing pleasure just from breathing.

Anna K., Breathwork Facilitator

I literally cannot comprehend how powerful that session was - I AM at my highest - Thank you, a million, billion, gazillion thank you for holding THAT amount of sacred space.

Emily J., Ascension Coach

Who needs Ayahuasca? This was by far the most profound spiritual experience of my life.

Lucas H., Author