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Pleasure Medicine Ceremony

Can you breathe to merge, to surrender, to savor the interconnectivity of all space and time, all planets, galaxies, all species, dimensions and dreamtimes so that you melt into a yummy puddle of cosmic, "Oh my Goooooodd! YES!"

Let's find out.... together!

This ceremony will help you remember the truth of who you are: an infinite immortal being of light. Bliss is your birthright!

It can be very seductive to slip into the matrix of the news, conspiracy theories, the wars between "us" and "them", and downer conversations about things you can't control. But you're meant for bigger things.

You are a luminary. You are here to be love.

This ceremony will help you remember: Divine love doesn't judge. Divine love doesn't hate. Divine love doesn't debate.

Divine love is pure presence. Divine love being a positive solution, a high vibration embodiment, an ambassador of Source Consciousness.

This is not about sex.

This is about the the heartgasmic gushing overflow of pure union with All of Life.

Replay access is available for 7 days in your Library of Light.

Be sure to check out how to stay safe during this practice before signing up.