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Become a Leader of Light - Breathe to Boost Radiance Ceremony

Breathe to unleash LIGHT from your body!

Have you been dimming to fit in?

Are you slacking on your soul mission?

Are you suppressing your spiritual gifts?

If you've ever withheld your radiance because you were worried about "what people would think", it's time to breathe!

In this high frequency medicine ceremony you will: 

✨ Receive a transmission about why your unique light is so needed right now.

✨ Explore a dance/visualization practice to a "Your Magical Realm of Wonder and Delight" to breathe and swim in lightnectar.

✨ Experience a HeartLight Activation  in an otherworldly light medicine circle with your angels, Ascended Masters and guides. 

✨ Receive communication from your guides about your soul gifts!

Grow the bioluminescent LoveLight in your heart by sending love and compassion to those who need it most.

✨ Go on a powerful breath medicine journey to fully activate your LightBody! Breathe to unleash luminosity from your cells on a subatomic level. Breathe to envision all your cells growing brighter and brighter, your whole body enveloped in the LoveLight of Source. A journey of ascension...

Purchase provides one week of streaming access. 

Replay access is available for 7 days in your Library of Light.

Be sure to check out how to stay safe during this practice before signing up.