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I’ll take 100% responsibility for my health by adhering to the Breathwork Safety Guide and will discuss any concerns with my doctor prior to registration.


I understand that payments are an expression of my 100% commitment to the full flourishing of my leadership potential and are NON-REFUNDABLE. I understand that all payments are irrevocable and non-creditable. If I can no longer attend, I may gift my spot to someone else once paid in full. If the training is canceled due to Acts of God (natural disasters, pandemics), acts of government (such as war) my credit will roll over to the next event.

I confirm that I am aware that one hundred percent (100%) of all fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE, even if withdraw from the program for any reason, don't use the program, don’t finish the program, etc. Even if I “change my mind”, all payment plan payments must be completed in full. All sales are final. There are no money-back guarantees. For payment plan subscriptions, course access and bonuses will be suspended after 7 days of non-payment and reactivated upon continuation of payment plans. Bonuses will be granted once full payment is received.


Registration fees DO NOT include flights, food, and accommodation for the 10-day live Channeling conference on the Big Island of Hawaii. However, support materials, access to the online portal, training videos, live calls, live mentorship and training manuals described on the sales page are included in the training. 

I understand that this is a team-taught certification program. In addition to Christabel Zamor, her expert faculty (of exceptional program graduates with demonstrated excellence) will also be mentoring me. I will get 1 year of access to the online portal to review materials, and I can download all manuals and training materials except videos at that time.


MYSTIC is for those who have already invested significant time and energy in personal development. By signing up, I declare that I have done a considerable amount of inner work, am not struggling in survival mode or victimhood, and I’m ready to go to the next level of awareness and alignment with my Higher Self, Soul and Source. I understand that MYSTIC is a high-frequency spiritual group facilitation training and is not professional psychotherapy. MYSTIC is not focused on trauma or trauma resolution - although densities and distortions may spontaneously discharge as a result of the Divine wholeness within ceremonies. MYSTIC is preparing me to professionally facilitate multidimensional ceremonies of awakening and is not an appropriate venue for personal recovery or overcoming addictions.


I have read the entire program page at www.MysticProgram.com and am fully aware of what this program provides. I understand that to obtain full certification I will need to attend the program in it’s entity, take all practicums and fulfill additional hours after program completion. I intend to fully participate in all live calls and the 10 day event in Hawaii if I want the official certificates. 


I understand that the Level 1 Heart Centered Leader self love journey segment is an at-home personal transformation journey and also a prerequisite for the Level 2 the Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Training. Doing the 6 ceremonies of the Ascension Adventure does not prepare or authorize me to lead Breath of Bliss events until I have completed the Level 2 the Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator AND the live High Frequency Channel Conference, passed my practicum, and completed additional certification requirements.

When the program begins, I will be provided with a detailed evaluation form that will be used by the training staff to review my final practicum so I can see exactly what qualities they will be looking for in my ceremony - so I can relax, easily prepare and have fun!  I understand that if I do not pass my practicum for any reason and need to retake it there will be an additional assessment fee of $250 for staff evaluation and feedback.

In order to co-present with the other trainees at Breathfest and to use the designations, “Certified Heart-Centered Leader”,  “Certified Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator” and “Certified High-Frequency Channel” and associated promotional materials, I must demonstrate that I can professional guide all segments of a Breath of Bliss ceremony, and in addition that I have a foundational level of embodied presence, showing I have the capacity to:

  1. Regulate my nervous system
  2. Maintain emotional awareness
  3. Authentically connect to myself and others.
  4. Sustain easeful eye contact
  5. Speak from my somatic experience in the moment
  6. Receive feedback with openness and curiosity 
  7. Take 100% responsibility for own my experience

I understand that to meet certification requirements, I need to complete all training videos/attend live/watch replays, attend and fully participate in the live 10 day Channeling Conference and complete additional hours once I return home, details provided upon registration.


I agree not to share, sell or otherwise distribute my course materials to anyone. I will not rebrand this material nor re-teach or market this material. If I want to share any practices learned I will first ask permission from Christabel Garcia-Zamor and then appropriately provide credit as may be requested.


To ensure a clear, safe, and supportive environment for all participants, we kindly request that you abstain from the use of all substances, including plant medicines, alcohol, cigarettes, and any other intoxicants, for the duration of the training. This allows everyone to fully engage in the transformational process with a clear mind and open heart. Thank you for honoring this commitment to yourself and the group. Staying in integrity with this request will allow you to rise into your highest potential as a crystalline channel and highly sensitive guide.


I agree to refrain from directly approaching anyone in the training to try to sell anything or attempting to recruit and hire the Leader of Light Academy faculty or administrative team to work for me in my own company and programs. I understand that if I would like additional program coaching from any faculty member I can email the MYSTIC admin team to make arrangements. 


I fully understand and agree that by signing up for MYSTIC, I authorize and consent to be photographed and recorded on video online and in-person. I acknowledge that these photographs and videos may be used in future training sessions for educational purposes or for the marketing of future training programs without any additional compensation to me. I fully release Leader of Light Academy, MYSTIC, Breath of Bliss LLC, Christabel Garcia-Zamor and Team Bliss from any liability related to the use of my image and likeness in such materials.


​​I acknowledge and agree that my participation in MYSTIC is voluntary. I understand that there may be inherent risks associated with the activities involved in the training. By signing this waiver, I release and hold harmless Leader of Light Academy, Breath of Bliss LLC, Christabel Garcia-Zamor and TEAM BLISS, and all associated employees, trainers, and affiliates from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action that may arise from my participation in the training, including any physical or emotional injury, loss, or damage.

Level 1 + 2 Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training

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Registration is an expression of your 100% "YES" to attend. This payment is not refundable and I agree to complete all payments.