$2,797.00 USD

Note: We require at least 10 registered participants to offer this event. So please sign up now to ensure the training happens, but pause on buying flights until we have confirmed it is on. If there are not enough registrants, you will be refunded.


I understand that payments are an expression of my 100% commitment to the full flourishing of my leadership potential and are NON-REFUNDABLE. I understand that all payments are irrevocable and non-creditable. If I can no longer attend, I can gift my spot to someone else. If the training is cancelled due to Acts of God (natural disasters), acts of government (such as war) my credit will roll over to the next event.

I confirm that I am aware that one hundred percent (100%) of all fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE, even if I change my mind, withdraw from the program for any reason, don't use the program, don’t finish the program, experience Acts of God, etc. All sales are final and there are no money-back guarantees. For payment plan subscriptions, course access and bonuses will be suspended after 7 days of non-payment and reactivated upon continuation of payment plans.


I understand that this payment covers 6 days of live in person training in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia on the dates specified in the checkout, by both Christabel Zamor and her professional faculty. Lunches are included on training days. Lodging and transportation are not included. I will retain access to the online portal for this event with supplemental learning materials for one year from the date of my purchase.


I understand that a balanced nervous system and resilience is necessary to attend the Level 1 intensive. If I desire to continue to the Level 2 to become a Breath of Bliss facilitator, I will also need presence, emotional awareness and the ability to authentically connect to myself and others. I commit to being drama-free in our community and am open to reflections about any triggers, projections or codependent tendencies that may arise. I agree to be available for a Zoom interview appointment with Christabel before attending so she can be in greater touch with my personal needs.


I understand I will be asked to take a rapid results test upon arrival and if I test positive I will not be able to attend the event.
I know that breathwork is not recommended for people with a history of aneurisms, cardiovascular problems, detached retina, epilepsy, glaucoma, high blood pressure that is not controlled with medication, pregnancy, serious osteoporosis, history of strokes or seizures, prescription blood thinning or anti-clotting medications, hospitalization for any psychiatric episode, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair the ability to experience intense physical and/or emotional release, and any recent physical injuries or surgeries and confirm that I have none of these conditions. By registering I confirm I have consulted my health care practitioner and that none of the above are true for me.


I understand that the Self Love Journey is a stand alone personal healing journey and also a Level 1 training that is a pre-requisite for the Breath of Bliss Level 2 Group Facilitator Training. The Level 1 Self Love Journey is for personal transformation and does not prepare or authorize me to lead Breath of Bliss events. I also understand that if I demonstrate qualities in my interview or in Level 1 that indicate I haven't yet reached a foundational level of embodied presence, to self regulate my nervous system, to sustain easeful eye contact, to speak from my somatic experience in the moment, to receive feedback with openness and curiosity and to take 100% responsibility to own my experience, that I may not be invited into Level 2 when it is offered next.

I understand that to meet Level 2 certification requirements, I need to attend all events LIVE online training hours and complete additional breathwork and teaching hours. If I miss event LIVE training hours, they can be made up at a fee of $399 per hour to work with Christabel or $150 per hour to train with one of her lead facilitators.

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Level 1 Self Love Intensive in Bali (2023)

Registration is an expression of your 100% "YES" to attend this event and deepen self-love. This payment is not refundable. 

Note: We require at least 10 registered participants to offer this event. So please sign up now to ensure the training happens, but pause on buying flights until we have confirmed it is on. If there are not enough registrants, you will be refunded.

Your July 26-31, 2023 Self Love Journey in Bali includes:

  • 6 days of ceremony and heart-centered leadership training with Christabel and her team of experts.
  • 42 hours of transformation, including 7+ powerful Breath of Bliss journeys, ecstatic dance, deep sharing, connection practices, prayer, ritual, journaling, song and sacred reflection.
  • Each day you will immerse self-love practices with a different theme: nervous system, emotions, parents, body, relationships and life purpose. Discover where you withhold love from yourself and learn to care for all of you - the light and the dark - with more tenderness. Uncover unconscious addictions to suffering, victimhood, drama, overwhelm, unworthiness and other viral beliefs while reconnecting with your sovereign divinity.
  • Explore mystery school practices to increase your comfort with discomfort, help you embrace your original innocence, remember your angelic nature, and true nature as bliss.
  • Practice life-changing coaching and inquiry exercises including: Opening to Discovery, Feeling All Your Feelings, Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life, Escape the Drama Triangle, Connect to Your Essence, Identify Your Soul Mission, and more.
  • Enjoy, “The Ascension Playbook" a massive guide of inspirational exercises and journaling practices you can continue to use in your life to deepen what you learn.
  • Get 42 hours towards your 200 hour Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Certification.
  • Hours are 9am-1pm and 3-6pm daily with delicious, light vegan lunches provided daily.
  • Limited to 20 participants for profound intimacy and connection, happening at the Swasti Eco Cottages.
  • And much, much more!
  • Transportation and lodging NOT included
  • This is a non-refundable, non-transferable payment. See the wavier at right for details.